Che Guevara Lollipops!


You just KNEW they were coming! From Wired Magazine:

Mickey Mouse ice cream has been available at Disney World for decades, but we’ll wager this is the first time beachgoers could enjoy a chilly Che Guevera. We interviewed Victoria Mamikonova to learn more about the project.

Wired: How did you select the subjects for the ice cream bars?

Victoria Mamikonova: The main idea and slogan is “Personalities make history” so we picked out heroes that were important to different generations from the 1960s to 1990s…There are posters where a controversial couple – Monroe and Che Guevara – are kissing, showing that love is above capitalism and communism, for example.

Wired: What was the most interesting response from the customers?

Mamikonova: People show such strong emotions – shouting, laughing, showing off tattoos. In Miami we met a singer who has a giant Marylin Monroe tattoo on his stomach. Each image, even without ice cream, has a history so no one is left untouched!

All Hail Victoria Mamikonova, Russia’s “New Woman!” (Actually, who can blame her? She’s promoting an Rum (Cuban) Mate (Argentine) flavored item? Given the success of the past 50 years of media-Castroite propaganda–she’s actually a shrewd businesswoman. Let’s face it: what better figure to promote her product?)

(BTW, notice how nations, once infected and ravaged by Communism, never seem to quite bounce back?…Look at Russia and Eastern Europe..we’re going on a generation now (22 years) since they threw off Bolshevism…and they’re all still pretty much basket-cases. There’s just something about spending a couple generations murdering and exiling (most of) your best people, while rewarding the most envious, swinish and despicable, that can’t be remedied in the “short” run…and comes back to haunt all hapless nations that fall victim to this horrid and apparently terminal (or lingering) disease…


(H/T RR Aranda)

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