The “Nonwhite” Ted Cruz, according to the Wall Street Journal

The nonwhite (Cuban) Senator Ted Cruz

Mr. Cruz’s triumph also shows the degree to which the GOP now has a growing number of nonwhite rising stars. They include Florida Senator Marco Rubio, whose family emigrated from Cuba, Indian-American Governors Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) and Nikki Haley (South Carolina), Governors of Latino descent Susana Martinez (New Mexico) and Brian Sandoval (Nevada), and black Congressmen Tim Scott (South Carolina) and Allen West of Florida. The conventional media wisdom is that the GOP is doomed to minority status as whites become a smaller share of voters. Not so fast.

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The white (Sicilian) singer Louis Prima.


(Bueno y alguien por favor me pudiera explicar que tiene esto que ver con las noticias tan triste y importante saliendo de Cuba hoy en dia?!–NADA!!!..simplemente a este Fontova se le mete en la cabeza JODER (!!!) y no le importa tres pepinos si lo denuncian come “loco” o “racista!” o lo que sea!!! Que importa si el hombre es blanco, negro o verde?! )

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  1. This article originally came out in the Washington Post. As you, Humberto, would say, UNREAL! That’s what I call sloppy journalism. In order to fit within the theme of the article, that the GOP is cultivating nonwhite candidates, the authors were forced to suspend reality and say that Cruz and Rubio are nonwhite. Little does it matter that both are clearly of pure Spanish ancestry and not just any Spanish ancestry, but obvious lilly-white Northern iberoceltic/visogothic ancestry [as the Spaniards of the 17th century would say, untainted by Moorish blood].

    But what can we expect in these crazy, politically times when “Latino” has been turned into a race and anyone with a Spanish surname is considered nonwhite [thank you MALDEF, thank you National Council of la Raza]. I was reading a discussion board on Ryan Lochte, the Olympic swimmer with the Cuban mother, and some genius was arguing that the blue-eyed, Nordic looking Lochte is as non-white as Obama, because his mother is Cuban. I’m sure that the fair-skinned, blue-eyed, Spanish descendant Iliana Lochte would be surprised to hear that she’s as non-white as Obama’s black-as-coal Kenyan father!

    On the positive note and to prove that not everybody falls-in-line when the forces of political correctness and mainstream media lunacy snap their whip, I was reading some of the comments under the article in the Washington Post and quite a few people were objecting to the WP calling a clearly white man like Cruz nonwhite.

  2. Then there’s always the “White Hispanic” category, but I suppose they will whip it out only when it’s convenient.

  3. The usual media suspects (and most of the media is VERY suspect) print this sort of tripe partly out of ignorance but mostly out of malice, or certainly agenda-pushing. They’re basically political activists posing as journalists, and it’s beyond obvious that objectivity, not to say truth, is at best a minor concern. They are neither respectable nor credible, and should be seen and treated in that light. When it comes to anything Cuba-related, I long ago ran out of the benefit of the doubt for these people. Either they’re stupid and incompetent or they’re perversely hypocritical and disingenuous, not to say liars.

  4. Yep-when it’s convenient to them, and they become concerned that some of the “Hispanic” (read Mexican-American descent, as that is usually the case) voters have listened to what our guys say, and start realizing that the dems have sold them rotten goods, then the media will “discover” that Cruz et al are white and so shouldn’t be listened to…
    The whole “Hispanic” label is annoying and stupid. All along it was silly as it was not a racial, cultural, national, nor ethnic label-although it has entered the vernacular as such. And more and more there are not even religious nor language ties- so what is a “Hispanic”? Please… if you want to be exclusionary in our country and you don’t want to call me an American, then call me a Cuban.

  5. During this afternoon’s conversation with a Cuban exile friend, this topic came up. How many times have we read some version of the story that all Cubans who initially fled Castro’s revolution were rich white Batista supporters? Forget Batista’s black ancestry or that as soon as they landed, at least in certain quarters they instantly became non-white. Fast forward, now the children of the early exiles remain non-white, but not for the purpose of being Lateeeno, then they are too white. Oh, and during anti-Castro protests, my blonde haired blue-eyed self have been yelled at, called all kinds of names and told to go back to Miami where I belong. My head is spinning just thinking about this, and one thought rises to the surface: the left is racist and incapable of coherent, fact based critical thinking.

  6. Ziva,

    It’s the slippery yardstick, whatever is convenient to the narrative even if it doesn’t make any sense. To the “leftist” power establishment there doesn’t have to be any consistency. They own the major newspapers, so they aren’t going to check themselves anyway.

    One of the most fascinating conundrums to come out of this bizarre racialization of Hispanics [opps, I mean “latinos”], is Desi and Lucy. Some sources are now saying that Desi and Lucy were the first interracial couple on TV [funny that in the “horrible” segregationist days of the 1950’s, Desi was white], even though that doesn’t make sense, since “I Love Lucy” would have never been televised across the South if they had in fact been an interracial couple. But of course, that seeming contradiction is never examined. In the 1960’s and 70’s with the radicalization of the Chicano movement and with the rise of Brown Power, the Young Lords, National Council of La Raza, MALDEF, etc.. “Latinos” suddenly became “brown” so, history had to be rewritten and thus Lucy and Desi are now interracial. Well, you get the picture.

  7. OK, forget Hispanic. We should be called “persons of Cubanness,” which is surely just as appropriate as black people being called “persons of color.” Problem solved.

  8. Asombra,

    Now, now, we cannot, nor should we aspire to be any different than the other folks that make up the brown, undistinguished mass that we have been ascribed to. We are “Latinos, pure and simple. The only time that we can be referred to as being different is when we are called, “those people,” or the “Miami Mafia,” otherwise, we must bear with Brown Pride the label that has been assigned to us.

    Thus, when we misbehave [i.e. vote Republican, or when we refuse to totally capitulate to the castro regime] we are “those people.”], otherwise we are “Latinos.”

  9. Cuba is a nationality, not a race. Maybe if they were to study the history of Cuba they would know that from the 1800’s up to Fidel Castro Communist revolution over one million Spaniards immigrated to Cuba, not counting the large immigration of eastern european in the early 1900’s, and peoples from other european countries and white Americans. Spain made a law that any Cuban with a Spaniard parent or grandparent would be granted Spanish citizenship. In the first few months over 2,000 Cubans, mostly in the country were granted Spanish citizenship, and a lot more were granted Spanish citizenship after those few months. They would also know that back in the old day Cuba had a racist government and society built on segregation, and they had a very strong restriction on immigration of non white to the country. It’s funny how the American media has an agenda in making Latino/Hispanic into a race, when it clearly isn’t. A Latino/Hispanic can be of any race. My grandparents were born in Cuba to european family, and according to the United State government my grandparent are hispanic/latino. Does this mean that my great grandparents are white, and my grandparents aren’t? Also what does race and ethnicity have to do with politics? this is proof that the USA government and media has an obsession with race and ethnicity. Also what’s white? because back in the old days in the USA the only peoples who were consider white were British or peoples of British ancestry.

    The article also remind me of a situation that my cousin had in Minnesota. There was a Mexican boy in her class and he told my cousin that her (My cousin) and her entire family are all brown, even if they look white because according to him latino is a race and all latino are brown. It’s funny because when my cousins and my aunt arrived in Minnesota everyone though that they were all your average white American, and when they told them that they were Hispanic (Most have never heard of Cuba before) they were surprise.

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