You go, Colorado!

Colorado Business Owners speak out.

As Mitt Romney prepares to visit Colorado this week the campaigns have been arguing over a remark President Barack Obama made about small businesses.

The economy will likely be the topic when Romney visits this Thursday and the numbers aren’t good. But the president isn’t doing anyone any favors either when he makes remarks that some small business owners see as an insult.

Republicans have branded the president as big-government and anti-business, and lately he’s playing right into that.

“If you’re successful, you didn’t get there on your own,” Obama said. “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”

From ads to press conferences Republicans are having a field day with the president’s “you didn’t build it” blunder as Democrats move to do damage control.

“I did build my business, Mr. President, you didn’t,” Martin Mendez with Splash Publications said.

“The message was taken out of context,” Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb said.

The Obama camp says the president was talking about government-funded things like roads and teachers and how they’d helped entrepreneurs.

“The other part of the broader message was about how collectively we work together,” Webb said. […]

Ahh, yes. The Mayor of Denver is afflicted with “taken out of context” disease. There is no cure for that particular ailment.

But no worries here. The article has a brilliant response from a reader to the Dems mendacity and idiocy I’d like to share:

“You didn’t build that . . .”

– President Obama

July 27, 2012

Dear Mr. Obama,

Normally when you utter something so colossally idiotic I tend to see what everyone else does and if its all been done I’m not going to throw out my opinion on the matter. The “Obama Depression” is about to claim the last bit of my 401K and I’m trying to get this new idea off the ground so I’m a bit busy. This little letter writing gig is a voluntary effort, with all due respect to those who seem to think I’m a some famous writer grand standing their true self, or some rich guy doing this because I need to vent. I’m none of that. If I did make that claim I would be as bad as you. Because through out these reactions to that utterance I realized something.

You, Sir, did not build you. Please allow me to explain. Every step of your life has been prepared for you. Every moment you were pampered and buffed for the next phase like some kind of imaginary character in a television program. From your mother to your girlfriends to your job history and your lack of real world skills. It’s frankly miraculous that you kept the facade up for so long. To repeat; you did not build you, someone else did that.

Well, us common folk “Joe Doakes’s” out in the hinterland don’t have that option. We don’t have the safety net of a group of rich socialist friends that are going to protect us at every turn. We are on our own. And for every improvement we make in our lives there is someone out there, thanks to all of your class rhetoric, that thinks they have a legitimate claim on my labor or my dwindling wealth.

You never felt blame. You never had to stare back at your wife and explain why that second mortgage isn’t getting paid. You never had to live with less so others could have more. You never had to sacrifice what you wanted so someone else could have a shot. You never built a life on merit and exposure to risk nor attempted to serve the public good in the vain of politicians like Henry Clay. You never did that.

There’s this guy running for office. His name is Mitt Romney. He has done nothing but that. No one told him when to “zig” or “zag.” No one told him to do what when. He just did it. Mr. Romney is a “Do the right thing” machine. That’s what he does. He’s like one of those perpetual motion machines that you could buy. You can just count on it. That’s what America needs, someone it can count on to relieve it from the madness that is Washington D.C. by any means necessary. Because if you haven’t noticed you didn’t build that city.

We did.


Joe Doakes