The “Karma Is A You Know What” Bites NBC in The Ass

Right after Gabby Douglas’s historic Gold Medal win in gymnastics NBC inadvertently runs an ad that had many of its viewers of that night’s Olympics coverage gasping “racist. The NBC promo ad for a new series, “Animal Practice” shows a monkey in a Team USA Olympics outfit doing gymnastics, and was the first thing cut to in the network break immediately after Bob Costas finished talking about the Gabby Douglas win. The perceived racist stereotype imagery commercial had viewers Tweeting their shock at the network’s timing.

Well, that’s the thing about Karma, NBC. After over 4 years of endless video documentation of how NBC/MSNBC incessantly insist any opposition to Obama and his policies is “racist”, not to mention other such slanderings of the TEA Party, alleged racist “dog-whistle” allegations against GOP-types, and their selective editing of the 911 tape of “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman, the Karma Bitch bit them in the ass. Were this the Fox News Channel/FOX Network the MSM, the liberal talking heads, and dare I say the White House would be screaming… The CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) would take to the House floor to condemn the network … As I said, were it a FOX network…

The highest kudos to Miss Gabby Douglas for her great accomplishment. Yes, sweetie, YOU did build that.


3 thoughts on “The “Karma Is A <em>You Know What</em>” Bites NBC in The Ass”

  1. There was absolutely nothing racist to this NBC video. A few years ago no one would have said a thing. I’m so tired of all this ‘racist this’ and ‘racist that’ BS already. This PC society we live in these days really sux.

  2. The Mainstream Media, how much damage they’re inflicting on the American society, it’s actions are despicable at best.

    The only consolation is to witness how much viewers they have lost to Fox News since the 1990s.

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