The Rabid Media Dogs and Their Highly Tuned Version of What IS and Isn’t Deemed “Racist”

Only the liberal/leftist MSM dogs seem to hear the old “racist dog-whistle”.

MSNBC’s expert on just about everything under the global warming sun, Rachel Maddow, believes Mitt Romney’s latest ad pointing out the facts about Obama’s pushing back of welfare reform twenty years actually is:

1. Romney avoiding dumping 20 years of tax returns in her lap for her buzzard-like picking through them to her warping of the information digestive process

2. and the ad is just plain “racist” as the dog-whistle blows in Madcow’s ear

Uh huh, RaeRae… Take a note here, baby cakes, and pass it along. Obama may be “black” (and 1/2 at that), but he’s not Teflon. You just keep being good little comrades and keep on trying to scrape off the truth.

Which brings me to this ad running against Rep. Allen West. It depicts West punching white women and stealing from a black family

I am sure Maddow would explain away any sort of “racist dog-whistle” with the anti-West ad. Or maybe it’s just a pitch too high for the old racist-sniffing dogs at MSNBC, eh?However, switch Obama for West in such an ad, and then see what Mzzz. Madcow and Co. have to say about this ad.

I guess only MSM liberals/leftists are the ones who can hear and decide what is and isn’t “racism”. It’s what they’re paid the big bucks to do, ya know… It’s ALL they have, and it’s a farce. A big steaming of dog crap MSNBC/NBC seems unbothered stepping into over and over again, even if the dog bites them in their own ass.

Useful idiots…

1 thought on “The Rabid Media Dogs and Their <em>Highly Tuned</em> Version of What IS and Isn’t Deemed “Racist””

  1. It all goes back to what Newt Gingrich sand on an NR cruise in 1994. If you want to know what the left is doing, watch what they are accusing us of.
    Here she is with NO shame saying that Romney is only changing the subject from the real issue. But what are Obama and company doing except just that? The real issue is what a hopelessly lousy president he has been by any measure. So let’s say Romney revels in killing people that ought to change the subject pretty well.

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