Third Una Noche Actor scoots from Castro’s fiefdom

Castro-collaborating director Lucy Mulloy with Tribeca award winner Arrechada back in April

Remember the two young Cuban actors who back in April slipped their Stalinist escorts and their Castro-collaborating director in Miami airport to miss out on free and fabulous healthcare and education?

Remember how the third one vowed to return to Cuba?

Dariel Arrechada, who said his visa will expire “in a few days,” insisted he will be returning to Cuba after the Tribeca festival wraps up.

“I have my family there, my friends, my girlfriend,” he said. “Here, I don’t know anyone. Here, I don’t know the way of life. I also don’t know English very well,” he said in Spanish.

That was then (April 2012.)

He changed his mind. He’s now living with relatives in New Jersey. “Yes, Dariel Arrechada remained in the U.S., we spoke with him and he’s fine. Said Javier Nunez (one of the early scooters.) We’re still friends and hopefully we’ll work together again.

Entire thing in Spanish here.

It cannot be repeated enough: all this from a nation formerly SWAMPED with immigrants. VAMOS BIEN!!!