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A topic for Monday conversation:

Anyone else having deja vu?

Reagan vs. Carter 1980:

Energy crisis

High gas prices

Horrible economy

Inflated prices in the stores

Unemployment at 7.5%

Malaise in the country

Carter unseats the Shah of Iran and replaces him with a radical Islamist

The US Winter Olympic team, particularly the US Hockey team, a source of pride and unity

Romney vs Obama 2012:

Self (government)-imposed energy crisis

High gas prices

Horrible economy

Inflated prices in the stores, and the threat of even going higher with the poor corn crop (which will also effect gas prices via bio-fuel production)

Unemployment at 8.3% (higher, if you actually count everybody that should be counted)

“The New Normal”, and a country’s population greatly divided and angry

Obama’s “Arab Spring” in the Middle East replacing dictators with Islamic extremists

The US Summer Olympic Team being highly successful

Now, I’m not saying Romney would be another Reagan, but I just found the parallels interesting.

Can you think of any others?

5 thoughts on “Just A Thought…”

  1. I think Obama is much scarier than Carter. He has bigger ambitions and a bigger following that adores him.

  2. Without a doubt Honey, Obama will be able to finish the job of destroying America that Jimmy wasn’t able to accomplish. The problem back then for Jimmy was that there were not enough Americans brainwashed into the Marxist/Socialist liberal mentality as there are today.

    Thirty years of liberal academia and the MSM indoctrination on the American people have finally bear fruit. Adding to our woes is the fact that we have had way too many RINOs contributing to the liberal’s efforts.

  3. I think things may be better than we are being led to believe. In my whole life I have never seen so much enthusiasm among voters on our side. They are lining up to get out the vote. RJC is working especially in Pa. Fla. And Ohio to get out the Jewish vote for Republicans.
    My worry is the debates all have assigned liberals to ask the questions. Why do we have to put up with this all the time? When do we get to choose? I don’t mind Lehrer, but the others are all liberal idiots. I want a Fox News debate. they never give in to that.

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