let’s all race our little boats and have some fun in hell

Cap'n Kessler
Cap'n Kessler

Flotilla of insensitive oafs applies for permission to launch fun-filled trip to Cuba.  More Diana Nyad- type publicity sure to follow.

From The Log, California’s Boating and Fishing News

By: Capt. Pat Rains

MARINA DEL REY — Circumnavigator and filmaker Bruce Kessler of Del Rey Yacht Club is organizing a new powerboat rally in the style of the biennial FUBAR (Fleet Under Way to Baja Rally) events — this time to Cuba.

Kessler, who is administrative chairman of the FUBAR Odyssey, said the new Cuba rally will probably take place in Spring 2013, but it’s still in the planning stage.

After meeting with U.S. government officials in Washington, D.C, Kessler said the FUBAR Odyssey organizers will be sending out a “sample” itinerary and entry form this month, for those who are seriously interested in participating in this inaugural event during April and May 2013.

More than 100 boaters have so far expressed interest in joining the rally, Kessler said. The Cuba cruise will be open to U.S.-flagged powerboats capable of traveling a minimum range of 600 miles at a speed of 8 knots.

Plans are still tentative, but participating power boats will probably gather in Florida, and then head south in a group to clear into Cuba at Marina Hemingway near Havana, 90 miles south of Key West.

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Cap'n Clueless
Cap'n Clueless

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