Help kickstart family sitcom about Cubans in LA

Came across this on Facebook yesterday. These guys are trying to raise funds to shoot a pilot through a program called “kickstart”. If you want to back them, you make a pledge (easy to pay through Amazon). If they don’t reach the $50,000 goal in 40 days, then you keep your pledge money. It would be a shame if that happened and they are way behind in the fundraising. Take a look at this project. If you love Que Pasa USA the way that I do, then you should make a pledge and share this with your friends.

1 thought on “Help kickstart family sitcom about Cubans in LA”

  1. On paper, er… on the website, this project looks good. But that title – well, sounds “hood-ish”; then again, it’s LA. I only hope they succeed by keeping their standards high & not taking it into the gutter and allowing it to disintegrate into another common, vulgar sitcom reflecting “latino values” ~ or whatever.

    Excuse my skepticism.

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