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“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

It must be so very difficult for leftist limo-lib artists in this country. They have to straddle a very narrow, tissue paper thin line between pumping their collectivist ideological fist of resentment, disdain and revolt of capitalism in solidarity with their beloved comrade heroes, and that of … well … wanting to hit it big by massively selling their music, selling out concert venues and TM merchandise, suing for boatloads more money, and winning the coveted glittery music awards to decorate their multi-million dollar mansions and slowly stroke their tender egos.

In the last couple decades politicians running for office have found that one pop culture song that seems to make a really great sounding theme song for their public campaign rallies to get the crowds fired-up. Bill Clinton completely ruined a certain Fleetwood Mac tune for me doing this. Four years ago we were formally introduced to feisty, outspoken, Gov. Sarah “Sarahcuda” Palin when Sen. John McCain picked her as his 2008 GOP running mate. The nickname stems back to Palin’s school days on the basketball team, but generally reflects her aggressive nature about everything she does. It was only natural to select Heart’s “Barracuda” as an intro for Palin at her rallies … until the aging Wilson sisters got their panties in a wad and lashed out with a “cease-and-desist” letter to the campaign. John McCain had his own song problems with old, rich, white guy Jackson Browne at the same time. For some reason these rich, successful, pampered, self-righteous music artists have a problem with being even remotely associated with conservative, republican, capitalist-minded politicians via one of their songs. The only thing worse than an armchair socialist is a snooty rich armchair socialist … with a lawyer. But they are living here in the selfish USA and it is their trivial intellectual property, so they can object and file “cease-and-desist” letters/lawsuits to stop the use of it by undesirables.

Earlier this week the band Silversun Pickups warned the Romney camp not to use their song, “Panic Switch” at events. I had never heard of them prior to the news blurb. Oh well, far better music out there for future Pres. Mitt Romney to use to energize and entertain his growing crowds. As soon as Mitt Romney named Rep. Paul Ryan as his 2012 VP running mate the social vetting of Ryan began. MSNBC’s Al Sharpton is aghast at Ryan’s intense physical workout ethic. And when it was discovered Ryan’s favorite rock band is “Rage Against The Machine”, well, all Morello hell broke loose. The band’s lead guitarist felt the need to strike out at the Congressman in an op-ed for a certain music magazine. I mean, how dare the conservative politician actually like his music! The nerve! Mind you, Ryan has not used not one note of RATM’s music in his political appearances. It is just the fact that the world (well, those giving a damn enough to actually follow the details of this election cycle) now knows the dastardly conservative republican enjoys his and his band’s socialist anarchist music, and he simply cannot have any blurring of the ideological lines for his fans and peers … Ryan is Hannibal (Lecter, I guess from the op-ed) incarnate, and the musician is, well, Clarice Starling. Whatever…

However, on the other side of this non-issue, there is the thought that Ryan’s musical taste, particularly in RATM, should somehow throw some sort of doubt about the candidate (for whatever perceived reason) because the band’s ideological and political views are in such drastic opposition to his own. If the other side (or even the RINO side of the GOP establishment) truly believes this needs to be some sort of a canceling factor to be trumpeted against Ryan … just WOW! I mean, I have even heard some this week trying to use Paul Ryan’s admiration of Ayn Rand against him (due to his Catholic faith vs. Rand’s objectivism), almost the way we use Saul Alinsky against Obama. Complete polar opposite ideas of freedom, democracy … and communism. Have at it. We have been living the full-throated Alinsky crap for the better part of four years. Rand is only just bubbling to the surface like a volcano ready to blow in November.

Honestly, I’m beyond sick of the fabricated importance given to the entertainment industry, and their assuming to dictate what should and shouldn’t be in this country. I wonder how much rap music Obama submerges himself in, fully loaded with the “N” and “F” words and the “bitch” word, and the threats of violence therein (Not to mention how we are not supposed to question his reading material…). These are limo-lib elites that would never surrender their fortunes to the government the way they insist “the rich” do so. Nor would they ever accept being told what they can and cannot do, eat, drink, swallow, snort, inject, etc.

“Rage” can clarify their disdain for one of the consumers of their product all they want, and run away from him. But were I Ryan, if asked about this I would simply ponder out loud if the band is so pro-communist/socialist why are they not living in a communist country, like the real Cuba Gorki Aguila and others are closely familiar with, where their music would be tightly controlled, scrutinized, and censored … not to mention being dictated to about when, what, if they can perform, and their government-permitted wage/profit from their work. Hell, if they even had any sort of property rights to their work.

We are constantly preached to by the loopy leftist ‘artists’ that we should have an open mind and taste all sorts of ‘art’ to make ourselves more ’rounded’. So, Ryan is wrong? To me RATM’s indignant statement rebuking Paul Ryan seems quite a bit less of a practice of ‘tolerance’ than Ryan’s taste for their music is. Tastes like Chick-fil-A…

It doesn’t matter who Ryan listens to, the left/MSM would find something to pick their noses over. Ryan should just rattle off a list of his iPod favorites and shrug away “Rage’s” commie sissy-hissy fit. I mean, perhaps Ryan likes Carlos Santana? Who doesn’t? I love that music. This would be just another practice in the left’s endless sociopath and psychotic Dissociative Identity Disorder and self-loathing, guilt, and conflict over their own fame and fortune in the face of their ideology. NOBODY should have private property … HEY! That’s MY property!

I’m not sweating it. If Ryan can take on serious Medicare and economy debates, I think he can Atlas shrug off any raging bullshit.



I am wondering how the armchair socialist pussies with guitars and record contrats in this country feel about Neo-Soviet Pres. Vlad Putin’s crackdown on artistic dissent


(Reuters) – Three women from the Russian punk band Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in jail on Friday for staging a protest against President Vladimir Putin in a church, a ruling supporters described as his “personal revenge”.

The group’s backers burst into chants of “Shame” outside the Moscow courthouse and said the case showed Putin was cracking down on dissent in his new six-year term as president. Dozens were detained by police when scuffles broke out.

The United States and the European Union condemned the sentence as disproportionate and asked for it to be reviewed, although state prosecutors had demanded a three-year jail term and the maximum sentence possible was seven years.

But while the women have support abroad, where their case has been taken up by a long list of celebrities including Madonna, Paul McCartney and Sting, opinion polls show few Russians sympathize with them.

“The girls’ actions were sacrilegious, blasphemous and broke the church’s rules,” Judge Marina Syrova told the court as she spent three hours reading the verdict while the women stood watching in handcuffs inside a glass courtroom cage.

She declared all three guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, saying they had deliberately offended Russian Orthodox believers by storming the altar of Moscow’s main cathedral in February to belt out a “punk prayer” deriding Putin.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, Marina Alyokhina, 24, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, giggled as the judge read out the sentences one by one, but portrayed themselves as victims of Soviet-style persecution during the trial that began on July 30.

They have already been in jail for about five months, meaning they will serve another 19, and could be released if Putin were to pardon them. The Orthodox Church hinted it would not oppose such a move by appealing, belatedly, for mercy.

Pussy Riot took on two powerful state institutions at once when they burst into Moscow’s golden-domed Christ the Saviour Cathedral wearing bright ski masks, tights and short skirts to protest against Putin’s close ties with the Church.

The judge said the three women had “committed an act of hooliganism, a gross violation of public order showing obvious disrespect for society.” She rejected their argument that they had no intention of offending Russian Orthodox believers.

It became one of Russia’s most high-profile trials since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and Putin’s critics said it put the 59-year-old Kremlin leader’s policies in the dock.

Opponents depicted it as part of a crackdown by the ex-KGB spy against a protest movement that took off over the winter, attracting what witnesses said were crowds of up to 100,000 people in Moscow to oppose his return to power.



May as well add this…

New wave band Devo puts Mitt Romney’s trip with dog on car roof to music

Seems Uncle Ted was ahead of his time, and can now dedicate this one to Obama in concert…

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