The ironic twist in leftist diversity-worship

Celebrate Diversity! (Except When It Comes to Thinking).
Celebrate Diversity! (Except When It Comes to Thinking).

Visit any American college or university with one of your college-bound children, and chances are that you will hear the word “diversity” invoked numerous times during the campus tour.  Favoring diversity and having a “diverse” student population  is one of the chief unchallenged assumptions in the creed of political correctness professed by most institutions of higher learning.  Scratch the surface, however, and you will quickly learn that “diversity” does not apply to thought, but rather to race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual orientation.  When it comes to thinking, most American colleges and university are maniacally and intolerantly committed to a leftist political philosophy that is almost indistinguishable from the religious creeds that religious schools formerly imposed on all faculty and students (and which only a handful of traditional religious schools such still insist upon).   This phenomenon also has geographical dimensions.

This unquestioned form of intolerance is exposed here, in a brilliant essay from The National Review:

A Reason for Liberal Hate?  No Diversity

Over at Ricochet, Paul Rahe writes “How Hatred Became a Liberal Value.” His piece is well worth a read (I particularly liked his reminders of liberal calls for “civility” and the “hate is not a family value” bumper stickers so popular a decade or so ago), but I’ve got my own idea: no diversity. The heartland of American leftism is less intellectually diverse than any large conservative community in the United States. The entire cities of New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. are less politically diverse than your average Evangelical megachurch.
Don’t believe me? In 2008, McCain/Palin won 73 percent of the Evangelical/born-again vote. By contrast, San Francisco gave Obama/Biden 84 percent of its votes. All the boroughs of New York City (except Staten Island) went for Obama by wider margins than 73 percent, with Manhattan giving Obama 85 percent of its votes. There were similar numbers for Philadelphia and Washington D.C. In other words, these major American cultural centers are less diverse than churches entirely filled with self-selecting populations of Bible-believing Christians. Leftists have greater group solidarity than Christians.

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6 thoughts on “The ironic twist in leftist diversity-worship”

  1. I could write a book, surrounded as I am with liberals. But I will only give two responses here.

    1. I went to a local Synagogue where Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other dems were to speak. This was an audience of “we must have separation of church and state” fanatics who had no problem sitting in on an uninterrupted diatribe of anti Tea Party and anti Republican party rhetoric, intermixed with pious Obama love stories about how much he “cares” about us from Rabbis and other dems.

    Nowhere was there dismay among these Jews that religion and not only politics, but propaganda were there on that stage.

    But the most astonishing thing to me was the way the audience were like sheep, a room full of Stepford men and women all of one mind. Heavens, what a scary spectacle. And full of cult of personality Obama worship.
    When I go to any conservative events, Tea Party, RJC, or Club for Growth, or when I get together with conservative friends, we all have different opinions, different emphases; and we don’t worship anyone. (well maybe Reagan)No sheep we.

    2. For all of their talk about their tolerance of others’ opinions, as Buckley used to say, they are stunned to find that others have opinions different from theirs. And for all their talk of “caring” about the poor or disadvantaged, as a rule, they don’t give nearly as much as conservatives to charitable causes. They are hypocritical, living their lives one way and voting for and believing in ideas that they do not live by. And they don’t see it. And to try to argue with them is a joke. They rely more on opinions and feelings and if you confront them with a fact, they “don’t want to talk about it” anymore.

  2. Precisely: libs/leftists want diversity in everything but thought–which means, of course, that they’re full of shit.

  3. asombra,

    No that is not true. As people my friends are all lovely, they are warm and if I needed them, I can always rely on them to come to my aid; they are well read and educated and funny.

    The only thing they are not is ready to accept that any person who chooses to be a conservative has a leg to stand on. And I scare them, because I mix them up, so they never want me to say anything about politics. I enjoy the sport of the argument. They shun argument.

    And they have their values in the wrong order. I daren’t bring up communism because that makes me closed minded. But secretly I know it’s because liberalism is too close nowadays to extreme left isms. And I can’t even bring up Islamism. Because that would mean war might be necessary and they think violence never solves anything and silly things like that.

    So they vote for the candidates on the left. It is all based on their fear of losing the Supreme Court to the right. Politics has replaced religion in their rituals. Too bad. I wish I could bring them around, but not a chance.

  4. Honey, I can’t speak for your friends, but if they, for instance, hate Sarah Palin, what does that say about them? Your friends aside, all too many liberals are indeed hateful. By their words and deeds ye shall know them.

  5. They must despise all on the right, otherwise all that they have invested themselves in emotionally and intellectually would prove to have been a waste of energy and time. Conservatives are not that vulnerable. We can disagree and have fun doing it. But liberals must be doctrinaire.

    Cracks may be showing a bit. I spoke to my niece, a pro choicer.

    I said to her, “Here’s a metaphor. Go with me on this. A bomb is headed for your family and will kill them. You have the power to stop the bomb. But to stop it you must swear never again to worry about pro choice candidates or the Supreme Court. Which would you choose, the court or your family?” So she said, okay. Then I told her that a bomb was headed for our economy and if you vote for Obama, you will get your left court, but you will lose every penny you have saved all of your life. A bomb is headed for our freedom and we will live under sharia law, but you will have your liberal court if you vote for Obama. A bomb is headed for Israel and will wipe her out and for Europe because if we don’t have a strong military there is no freedom anywhere in the world, and Obama wants to gut our military, make us subservient to the U.N and make us a third world country. And because you need a liberal court you are willing to allow all of these bombs to destroy our present and your children’s future.

    I ended by telling her that it is a bit quaint to worry about choice and the court when there is so much at stake in this election. She said she also hates that she has such a high tax rate. I said, “WELL, Obama will make you nostalgic for this tax rate in a year or two. And Romney wants to lower all tax rates for everybody.”

    I hope I got through to her because if I did, she can influence others.

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