A Monday Cubanism

Today’s Cubanism is brought to you by none other than Barrack Obama:

Peste a guapo.”

Translation: “Stench of tough guy.

Via Politico, our strutting Prevaricator in Chief sees himself as a real tough guy:

Obama’s trash-talking competitiveness, a trait that has defined him since his days on the court as a basketball-obsessed teenager in Hawaii, was on display one night last February, when the president spotted a woman he knew was close to Sen. Marco Rubio in a Florida hotel lobby. “Is your boy going to go for [vice president]?” the president asked her. Maybe, she replied.

“Well,” he said, chuckling, according to a person who witnessed the encounter. “Tell your boy to watch it. He might get his ass kicked.”

3 thoughts on “A Monday Cubanism”

  1. Indeed, you have to understand class is not part of Harvard’s liberal degrees.

    I would love to see Barry eat his words come November…

  2. The Imperial Commission for Linguistic Purity wishes to amend what Val wrote (let’s just say Val is not as pure as he could be). “Peste a guapo” only refers to hollow bluster or pseudo-tough guys; real ones don’t stink. Obama has been posing as so many things he isn’t for so long, and so many people have bought into his posturing, that he may actually believe his own BS by now. However, even if he has become delusional, he’s still full of shit.

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