Great Scott

Late last night successful Hollywood director/producer Tony Scott lept to his death from the Vincent Thomas Bridge out on the West Coast. Such an incredible loss to the industry…

His older brother Ridley Scott left London for L.A. upon hearing of his brother’s death.

Looking at his IMDB page Tony Scott had a hell of a lot of oars in the water. “Prometheus 2” (the second “ALIEN” prequel) just being announced. He worked with his brother on the first that was released earlier this summer.

“Top Gun” had its moments for me (I mean, fighter jets and Naval Aviators in flight suits, dress whites, and towels in locker rooms … What’s not to love, ladies?). But “Man on Fire” and “Domino” are two of my favorite late night flicks to catch on cable/HBO.

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  1. Although it is said he had his challenges of depression, he seemingly had a good life, coped with it, and without a doubt a successful life career wise. Nonetheless, when the material world has no more to offer but a death sentence and it all boils down to either dying of “terminal” cancer or jumping off a bridge, one can only feel sadness and compassion for the man.

    Only through Christian Science have I heard of cures regarding such things; yet, how many people know of such, are able to reach that level of spirituality, or even try to despite knowing its existence do to preconceived notions of materialism. All I know is that I’ve seen it happen, there is something. Sometimes I jokingly wonder if that communist piece of sh%t of Castro is a Christian Scientist do to his constant recuperations and seeming immortality. Of course not, but despite my incredulousness regarding the afterlife, I sure hope there is a hell waiting for that slavish, deceitful, bloody, and egotistical garbage once his the ride is finally over.

    Anyhow, in terms of spirituality Hollywood’s I.Q. seems to be more impressed with Scientology, yet given what I’ve heard, I think that it and crap are the same.

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