Annoying liberals

Help elect three Black conservatives to Congress. That’ll make their teeny-tiny liberal and “progressive” brains explode…

Dear Patriot,

In 2010 we helped elect two black conservative Republicans to Congress. This year we are going to elect three.

Tim Scott, Mia Love and Allen West.

However, the Democrats despise black conservatives.

They are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at these three champions of limited government.

The liberals are savaging them with horrific negative ads every single day. They are calling them terrible names. They are attacking them personally.

These heroes need our help.

Please make a special generous contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or more to help BAMPAC elect Tim Scott of South Carolina, Mia Love of Utah and Allen West of Florida.

BAMPAC, Black America’s Political Action Committee, is one of the top 25 PACs in the country. Since 1994 we have been recruiting, training and helping elect African black conservatives to public office.

And this year we are looking to make history. We have three outstanding black conservatives who are taking the fight to the big government liberals:

Tim Scott is one of the most reliable conservatives in Congress. He’s a freshman who takes a backseat to no one in his willingness to cut government. He’s a member of the House Republican leadership, and Nancy Pelosi would LOVE to defeat him.

Tim Scott needs your help.

Mia Love is a pro-second amendment mom who is fighting to be the first female black Republican elected to the House of Representatives. She’s battling the liberal Jim Matheson who is trying to masquerade as a conservative.

Mia Love needs your help.

And then there is Allen West. Allen is one of the most prominent and reliable conservatives in the country. Liberal SuperPACs are pouring money and negative ads into his district.

Allen West needs your help.

Please make the most the generous contribution you possibly can right now to help BAMPAC support these great candidates.

Conservatives across America need to rally right now. The Democrats are tough on all conservatives. But they are especially ruthless towards these trend-setting conservatives.

We need to provide direct contributions to Scott, Love and West so they can run TV ads hitting back at all the negative attacks being thrown at them.

We need to fund PR events and send out endorsement letters. We need to rally conservatives in each of these three key Congressional districts.

America needs more black conservatives in Congress!

Please give what you can. Remember, Election Day is right around the corner, so we need to get work fast.

With your help, we can make history. Three black conservatives in Congress – that’s our goal!