et tu The Weather Channel?

The Weather Channel is quickly becoming like its mainstream news media brethren. Today at about noon I was treated to some hard-hitting Weather Channel journalism from an all-inclusive resort for non-Cubans in Varadero, Cuba. The footage, that included “Cubano pool boys” bringing in and securing the lounge chairs, was riveting. You would never know its a totalitarian dictatorship that keeps 11 million citizens in virtual slavery and that those slaves live in substandard housing, much of which may be swept away by Isaac. But have no fear, our intrepid weatherman says, the Cuban Army is known for it’s “large scale evacuations” though none is planned for this tropical storm. The generals are on the case however.

Meanwhile, by comparison, the coverage from Haiti included a phone interview with representative from the International Red Cross who discussed threat of cholera and state of danger for citizenry and the ongoing humanitarian crisis. It’s as if Cuba didn’t already have a cholera outbreak of its own and was a rich country or something. Unreal.

Let the folks at The Weather Channel know how you feel. Tweet something like the following:

@weatherchannel your coverage from Cuba is shameful.

UPDATE: It seems that this is the first time ever that The Weather Channel has access to Cuba. Of course they are playing by the rules laid down by castro, inc.

Seidel added,”We picked Varadero because of meteorological reasons and are lucky because we’re staying at a resort with all the creature comforts of home.”

Meteorological reasons? Really? The storm is going to hit the south eastern part of the country and rip through the middle but you’re on the north coast at the world-famous Varadero beach filming pool boys?