Dear People in The Swing State of Florida, You Just Happen to Be In The Way of God’s Wrath on The GOP – UPDATED


Yet another example of the leftist democrats’ one-way street of “civility”. Ever notice they would rather cancel the war than have the balls to actually fight one? They can’t … Not without fully revealing their ideology and their agenda to force it on all of us.

Former democrat governor of the state of Michigan (and “Current” Al Gore employee) Jennifer Granholm has, in her extraordinary intellectual wit and unending compassion and tolerance therein taht far excedes ours, Tweeted on her Twitter page

R convention delay due to Isaac: I guess God has ways to shut that whole thing down

Yeah, Jenn, that’ll teach`em… Too bad if Floridians just happen to be in the way. All expendable for the cause, I guess. This all just adds to the DNC’s platform of pro-death and taxes for their own coming convention. Nicely played, Jenn. Nicely played.

What Mzz. Granholm fails to understand is the length of the hurricane season, and the fact that her own party’s convention will be in North Carolina next month … a state that has historically had late season hurricanes hit them. Some real biggies too.

Not only that, but I am sure her vile sniggering on her social network page is motivated by her disdain for the GOP’s pro-life position, and the fact they believe in smaller government and lessening the incessant entitlement and restrictions big government brings.

Can you imagine the outrage by the democrat party, talking heads and the MSM if a current or former GOP governor, say Sarah Palin, would say such vindictive tripe? But Jenn is a democrat and that’s different.

I do recall the collective deafening gasps from the libs/left in politics and the media when conservative Christian leaders dared suggest this nation’s secular turn away from God may, in some way, have contributed to September 11th. But Jenn’s little snark will go unchallenged.

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After drawing attention and taking heat Mzz. Granholm now claims she was just kidding.

However, given the new projection of Isaac, Prof. Jacobson asks: “Will God still be on Dems side if Hurricane Isaac buries New Orleans?”

Does Granholm still feel that God is on Democrats’ side?

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  1. She looks like a classic liberal type: pinched, brittle, acrid and bitchy. And those eyebrows are amazing– nothing like that actually exists in nature–but then again, the whole make-up scheme is, uh, ill-advised.

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