The Big Reveal: Only The Hounds of Hell Hear Dog-Whistles

Given the MSM’s, democrats’ and Hollywood left’s unhinged, hate-filled, racist rhetoric, I am now going to call this election cycle “The Big Reveal”. All is being exposed.


Remember Journolist?

RedState: Is The Media Coordinating On Race Baiting? Ask John Harris and Politico

Glenn Reynolds: “I believe they are preparing the way for a preference cascade.”

One of the MSNBC mutts hearing racism in Obama golfing references

I went to broadcasting school in the early 1980s. When the instructor went around the room the first day of class and asked “Why?” there were a couple students who said, “I want to become a reporter/journalist to change the world.” When he was done with his polling he went to the front of the classroom and asked those who said “I want to change the world” to raise their hands and they proudly did so, believeing they had answered correctly. The instructor then told those students they were full of shit. “If you are ‘changing the world’ YOU have become part of the story and you are no longer doing your job.” You walk into any ‘journalism’ school or class today and ask the young students therein why they chose this field for a career and many will announce “I want to change the world.” However, those professors in those classrooms encourage that meme.

For the last 24 hours the conversation, the story, has not been so much the speeches and messages of last night’s RNC Convention, but the manufactured propaganda of the media supposedly reporting on it. THIS is where we are right now with our MSM.

We are Breitbart.


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