“Get Off My Lawn…”

Clint Eastwood is taking some hits from the left over his off-the-cuff speech at the RNC Convention last night. They laughingly suggest the man has “dementia”. But you know if he had shown up and given a similar speech in support of Obama at next week’s DNC convention they would be praising him as “deeply thoughtful”. While I wished he had written something to keep him moving along a lot smoother and added to it while in the process of reading it, he did two very important things last night that are getting lost in the improv…

#1. Four years ago we, who were paying close attention, warned Barack Obama is an empty suit. The left is having fun with Eastwood’s “empty chair” jokes. The fact is, Clint simply removed the suit from Obama to expose that emptiness that is painfully obvious today…


#2. As typically brillant as Sen. Marco Rubio was, and as selflessly good Mitt Romney was in their speeches, THE most important lines came from Clint Eastwood…


Clint Eastwood was OFF teleprompter last night and still sounded more lucid than Obama does … especially when leaving TOTUS at the White House.

BTW, the man is still writing, producing, directing and acting in movies. Even IF he’s at the beginning of some “dementia” I would say he’s still leaps and bounds above the bulk of Hollywood. Hopefully he’s got somebody keeping track of the BS some Hollywood ‘Twit’ fools are saying about him on Twitter and tells their agents to get bent if they come looking for a job in one of his movies.

8 thoughts on ““Get Off My Lawn…””

  1. Clint is quite the character, nailed Obama in his own unique and wacky way.

    The libs and the Hollywood idiots are furious at him today, that’s further proof he made his point while hurting Obama with his skit. Make no mistake about it.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that Clint’s slow delivery was not ‘old age’, it was so the MSM could follow along. Recall, the MSM told us a couple year into Obama’s term that his tendency to ramble/bumble while off TOTUS was because he was so intellectually above us he was struggling to dumb it down for us to understand…

  3. Eastwood got under Obama’s skin, and O’s massive ego could not let the idea that he was being mocked go unanswered.

    Thus, his “this seat is taken” Twitter response.

    I went to Obama’s Twitter page, located his Tweet, and replied…”Eastwood’s chair had more substance.”

    I am now officially blocked from his page.

  4. Luis,

    Without a doubt, Clint got under Obama’s skin because he did to POTUS what David Letterman, John Steward, Bill Maher (and the rest of the Hollywood liberals) do to Romney and the GOP on a daily basis.

    I guarantee you that if Clint would have done something similar against Romney (instead of Obama) today Clint would have received have praises from the MSM and next year an honorary Academy Award.

  5. If Cher in all her surgically altered glory were to have a Chris Matthews-style farctic meltdown on national TV at the DNC, in which she accused Romney of being a carcinogenic fascist who wanted to bring back slavery, the usual suspects would have no more problem with it than they do with Biden’s endless string of outrageous “gaffes.” That’s why their outrage means NOTHING to anyone with half a brain.

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