Excellent piece on the Broward Tea Party site: “Twenty-Five Reasons I Will Not Vote for Barack Obama in November.”

Here are my favorites:


19. I believe that this nation was founded by immigrants, and that immigrants are an exceptionally important group of people that greatly enhance the economy and diversity of America. Illegal immigrants are a different story, especially considering the dire financial straits we are in and the unbelievable burden they place on taxpaying citizens- including the legal immigrants.

20. I believe that taxing the rich to pay for the poor is Anti-Colonialism. It has never worked. It has only achieved soaring inflation, stagflation, and loss of jobs. It has always resulted in crippling instability.

21. I believe that everyone should pay taxes. There should be a flat tax rate, across the board. No one can argue that this isn’t fair, and no one can argue that this doesn’t work.


24. I believe that the Constitution is not a “living document” or an “artifact”. It is a legal document. It is the framework of our Union. Its importance should never, ever be diminished.

25. I believe in a prosperous, free future for my family, for my son. The thought of anything less than that terrifies me.

1 thought on “Twenty-Five”

  1. #19 is a non-sequitur. Obama deported in his first 3 years more illegals than Bush in 8. Like in many things, Obama’s bark doesn’t match his bite.

    As for #21: while a flat tax is certainly more just than a progressive tax, all taxation is theft. Period.

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