Let’s talk croquetas.

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Every now and then I get invited to be a guest on someone’s radio show and talk about my life and about Cuban food. I never, ever say no, but that’s not important right now.

Tonight at 7 pm Pacific, I’ll be a guest on Silvio Canto Jr.’s radio show, along with the lovely and talented Sonia Martinez, another amazing Cuban cook who lives in Hawaii and knows everything there is to know about Cuban food. Go visit her wonderful blog, Sonia Tastes Hawaii. I’m honored to share air space with these two.

I’ve done Silvio’s show before and we can barely get through the first hour because we all get so excited talking about Cuban food.

Tonight’s show promises to be no different. I can hardly wait.

The first topic is…..*drum roll please*



If you’d like to call in to the show, the number is (646) 478-4933.

Again, that’s tonight,  Tuesday, September 4th. 7pm

I’m only about 5’4″ in person, but on the radio, I sound waaaay taller.

Call me. Let’s talk croquetas.