Nutshells and Burning Sage

I really should give the DNC convention ‘equal time’ on my TV this week, but I just don’t have enough sage to burn over the course of the next few days… Hell, I doubt there’s enough sage in the country to burn where these people, this collectivist hive, are concerned.

For all their pillars, this is the keystone of their ideology in a nutshell…

I … WE do NOT “belong” to the government.

The government BELONGS to US!

When we look back on this time most of us will realize how prescient and prolific an aging Hollywood actor/writer/director was.

Here is a sampling of the DNC’s revised platform for 2012:

No God

No Israel

Taxpayer funded abortions … “regardless of ability to pay.”


5 thoughts on “Nutshells and Burning Sage”

  1. I intended to watch, you know, keep your enemies closer and all that. I lasted about an hour, just couldn’t stomach anymore lies, and las montañas de mierda.

  2. ROTFLMAO!!!

    Have to hand it to you Ziva, you’re a very strong lady. As I grow older my tolerance for BS is decreasing.

    I could not have handled five minutes of the BS. On top of it they lie with such a straight face worthy of an academy award.

    Like Humberto says, Unreal!

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