Obama’s Cuba’s policy fails to help the people

As Carlos Eire concluded in his post on the DNC Cuba platform, the party remains firmly in solidarity with Castrolandia. There’s no mention of a dictatorship, and there’s no mention of political prisoners or the lack of freedom. Well platform this DNC, your policy is a failure.  The continuing increase in the number of political arrests and  the record number of Cubans trying to escape the Cuban state show just how well “the people” are doing.

Capitol Hill Cubans:

538 Political Arrests in August

 at 11:00 AM Tuesday, September 4, 2012

According to Cuban independent journalists (CIHPRESS), the Castro regime has conducted over 538 documented political arrests in the month of August 2012.

That brings its 2012 total to 3,636, which means it’s en route to shatter its 2011 year-long total of 3,835 political arrests.

More “reform” you can’t believe in.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Cuba’s policy fails to help the people”

  1. I will be doing this week what I did last week. I will be taping the convention to watch it intact after I have observed what MSNBC and others report what is going on.
    The Rep. convention had five important mentions of Cuba and its tyranny. I predict there will not be one mention in the next three days.
    I also do not expect any good news where Israel is concerned whereas the Reps. said all the right things about Israel.
    This next three days may make me depressed. But it will be the last time I watch tv news at all.
    Fox is falling down on the job and the rest are wastes of space.
    I will stick with Rush and a bit of talk radio and my blogs. And I will still be better informed than most others.

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