Guest post: Report on the Democrat convention 2012 – day three (hallelujah!)

The third (and mercifully, final)  report from Honey on her gavel-to-gavel coverage of the DNC convention. She writes, “I’m exhausted. It’s like Chinese water torture or a reeducation camp.”

Report on the Democrat convention 2012 – day three

*One good mention of Israel. But alas not one of Cuba.So that count remains Reps. – 5, Dems. – 0.

Last night they were back to their lying phase, making up fairy tales of their own accomplishments as they went about describing a Republican Party and a Romney and Ryan I do not recognize. Tonight’s theme – How many lies can we pack into each minute?

At the very moment someone said about the Reps, “They say America’s best days are behind us,” they showed some tea partiers. (And who on our side ever said that anyway?)

The repeated idea was if you work hard and follow the rules, you are supposed to be okay. But the middle class has been up against it particularly during Bush years. (Not that I ever noticed that about the Bush years. How about you?) And if you make it, you must do your fair share to contribute and invest to make the world a better place. Translation – give money to Obama and he will spend it the way he wants to.

And can someone tell me how our side has raised taxes on the middle class and how Romney wants to do that and cost everyone except the rich thousands of dollars more every year? Do you know what these people are talking about? Doesn’t matter – thunderous applause and tears of delight.

“Congress and Obama [BO again from now on] created 20 million jobs (the number keeps getting larger along with their noses).” If there were problems, BO lit many candles while the Reps. cursed the darkness.

Kerry assured us that under Bush our alliances were shredded and Iran was racing towards getting a nuclear bomb. He actually said this with a straight face. And if you don’t believe me, he went on to declare that thanks to BO this has all been fixed. (Remember the Newt Gingrich syndrome? See Parts one and two).

Kerry informed us that Obama is in a fight to restore our values that were there at the beginning of the greatest country the world has ever known. When you listen to Dems., is that the impression you get, that they love this country or its beginnings? Neither do I. So we will put this in the lying column, plus a little Newt on the side.

Kerry actually said, about the lack of foreign policy experience of R and R, “This is not the time to outsource the job of Commander in Chief.” They have no clue about how every policy decision of this administration has been destructive to American interests. I would take tabula rasa over what we have now, wouldn’t you? (But, that said, I have heard Romney and Ryan in separate interviews on foreign policy and they each impressed me a great deal. Each was knowledgeable and had ideas I agreed with.)

Kerry complained that our side opposes every idea that has made this country great. Newt is here. (Hey, it’s like Kilroy was here. Remember that?)

Kerry bragged that BO has worked cooperatively with Russia on nuclear weapons. Yeah, Obama won’t place anti ballistic missiles in places the Russians don’t want them and he told Medvedev after he is elected, he will be able to be more flexible. Oy.

And Kerry was upset that Romney considers Russia a major threat to us. “They are back in the cold war mentality.” I’m with Romney on this one, aren’t you?

Now we get a movie about veterans and we meet some. See, the Obamas are the best people for our veterans. The best that ever were in history, don’t ya know. And Biden, too.

And I just love the way they tell us that the Reps. have been taken over by the most extreme people.

I have just been subjecting myself to a three day convention filled with communism/socialism where the majority of the members there are so off the wall that a mere mention of G-d and Israel in the platform is enough to make them go nuts with boos and shouts of NAYS. And they are trying to tell the world that OUR party is controlled by extremists?

One of the speakers said, “I love the phrase, ‘We, the People.’ That is what this election is about.” Of course she doesn’t mean the individual who has sovereignty. She means the collective. She then informs us that “The other side wants to take our voices away and make us invisible.” What does that mean? Where do they come up with these things?

Biden was in rare form. The thing is Biden seems like a nice guy. It’s obvious he loves his wife and children and they him. He loves the country too. But then how does he feel comfortable spouting things like this?

“The Reps are allergic to compromise. They are in hock to the bullies in their party.” He even criticized the Romneys because they have an elevator in their house forgetting that Mrs. Romney has Multiple Sclerosis. But then this IS the Joe Biden that told someone in a wheel chair to stand up.

Biden in all seriousness told us, “A job is about your dignity and because of Obama we have turned the corner.” 23 million out of work, over 8% unemployment, but really much higher, the longest period of unemployment benefits in our history, food stamp usage highest ever, and Biden is bragging about the dignity of having a job.

And “The Bain way may be the way for your balance sheets, but not for the presidency.” That is if America gave up on industry the way Romney did at Bain… but we are lucky to have a president who cares and makes jobs and protects workers. Does this audience remember nothing from the real world?

And the best, “Obama (unlike Romney) knows that bringing jobs back to America is what HIS job is all about.” They have no shame.

Crist was there to tell us that he didn’t leave the Republican party; the Republican party left him. It must be so sad for him. He is a nobody looking to be important. So he sold his soul to get even with the way he was no longer appreciated. Listening to this small minded, very tanned man speak, all I could think was how puny he sounded in comparison to Rubio.

Crist must already be taking lessons from the liars club of this party. He told us, “In a great environmental disaster BO came to our rescue. He didn’t see a red state or a blue state. He saw a state that needed help.” Does he not remember how long it took Obama to do anything when everyone was offering help? Fairy tales again.

If you have had enough, maybe you’d better skip the rest. I am getting ready to cover Obama’s well received speech. The thing is Obama, too, has the most darling daughters. Michelle looked gorgeous and she sure hung on every word he said with the appropriate tears, wrinkled eyebrows of concern for him and smiles of love and admiration. When this is over, she can get a starring role in any movie. This is a pretty family to look at. You enjoy looking at them.

But when Obama speaks, he makes me definitely sick.

Not in any particular order:

“If you can’t afford college, take my opponent’s advice and get a loan from your parents.” Knowing smiles and laughter with the audience. But didn’t Michelle talk about how things were bad with her when she was young and they had to scrimp and rely on their parents somewhat? And how did anyone get to college before Obama?

“The essence of citizenship is that we must accept some obligations for others and for future generations.” He doesn’t mean voluntarily. He means we should give him our money and he will take care of doing what he thinks is best with it.

“You can choose to reduce the deficit without sticking it to the middle class or SPENDING [my emphasis] it on new tax breaks for the wealthy to add to the deficit. I won’t do that. We will reduce the cost of health care. We will save social security by doing careful things and not fix it by turning it over to Wall Street.” All of that should be read “We are not like them.” But notice how Obama gives no particulars of how he will fix Soc. Sec. but doesn’t trust Romney and Ryan because they don’t give specifics.

Get this one. “As long as I am Commander in Chief we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known.” Can you believe this BS?

And *“Our commitment to Israel must not waver.”

“I will pay down the debt and build roads and bridges.” All in one phrase. So darling.

“After a DECADE that was defined by what we bought and borrowed, you can choose the correct path with me.” This I would plainly call Chutzpah.

There followed a litany of lies about energy. I can’t stomach repeating them here.

“People are paying less for college because we confronted the banks and now they are forced to do what’s right. We told credit card companies they could no longer rip off customers with fees and high interest rates.” Raucous applause. Obama, the magnificent.

“Please help me recruit 100,000 new math and science teachers to help our children become the best educated in the world.” Translation – I want to steal more from all of you so I can control more of the economy.

“We don’t bail out banks that break the rules.” (As Romney would) No, unless it was a bank which gave his campaign a huge contribution.

“If you buy into the cynicism that change we fought for is impossible, the change will not happen.” What I am worried about is the change that will happen.

Big finish. Louder voice. Deafening roar of approval from the crowd. Standing and applauding, crying and screaming. Obama says, “If you reject the notion that this nation’s promise is reserved for the few, your voice must be heard in this election. If you reject the notion that this nation belongs to the highest bidder, (ditto).” He actually said this last part. This from the man who vowed not to cater to lobbyists who does that all the time, who pays off unions and corporations big time because of their huge contributions to him. He has no shame and the audience has no brains.

“We must travel that difficult road together and with your help….” Deafening noise and emotion. No balloons. As Rush said they expected to have it outside but knew they couldn’t fill the stadium. So, just confetti.

A few closing observations:

The confetti was red, white and blue. I guess they couldn’t get aqua and orange and white to match his logo.

G-d may have only reluctantly been placed in the platform, but He was in evidence at the end of every speech.

The closing prayer thanked G-d for the rights of Life, liberty, etc. We were then told that our rights come from G-d. And then that without protection for Life there is no other liberty. The audience was ever so deep in prayer. If they had heard him, they’d surely have hooted this Pastor off the stage. What about the sacred woman’s right to choose? Who does this guy think he is? But they didn’t hear him. They weren’t paying attention.

They were too busy trying to look pious. So he got a pass. But when they see the video, he won’t be asked back again.

Missing was all talk of closed stores everywhere, people losing their houses every day all over, no Keystone Pipeline, offshore drilling being stopped, use of clean coal. You get the idea.

Also nowhere in evidence were any friends of his from school or his childhood. No neighbors who ever knew him. Except for his wife’s association with doing good things for the military, his wonderful government takeover of whatever he could which then makes him the best guy in the world, there was no one for whom he personally ever did a good deed. Is he Chauncey Gardiner or is he the devil incarnate? I don’t know, but I don’t want any parts of him and I wish more than half of America also felt the way I do.

After four years with these guys, the country needs some R and R.

Over and out.

12 thoughts on “Guest post: Report on the Democrat convention 2012 – day three (hallelujah!)”

  1. Forgive me if I comment on my own post.

    I love that my remarks are directly above Professor Eire’s.

    Also in case you haven’t already done this, look up Cardinal Dolan’s prayer at the end of the convention. See if you agree with me that he is telling G-d what he does not approve of in this convention. Our rights come from G-d, hint, not from government. We must respect all life or there is no other liberty.

    Cardinal Dolan may be a Republican.

    If the “pious” delegates were really listening to what he was saying, they would have booed and booted him out of the hall.

  2. Bravo Honey. First of all, you deserve some serious R&R and combat pay for taking it for team by sitting through three days of hell.


    “Also nowhere in evidence were any friends of his from school or his childhood. No neighbors who ever knew him. Except for his wife’s association with doing good things for the military, his wonderful government takeover of whatever he could which then makes him the best guy in the world, there was no one for whom he personally ever did a good deed,”

    — is to me the most frightening indicator that something is very wrong with this candidate. Now, it’s possible for a person who’s a loner, who has little family and perhaps moved around a lot during childhood to have few ties to former friends or associates. However, that’s not the case here; he lived and worked in the public sphere in for years. Where are all the Obama family friends from Chicago telling us what wonderful friends and neighbors they are, how they can always count on them? Where are the friends from college? Where are the co-workers or people from the neighborhoods he supposedly helped with all that organizing? The only answer can be that this man is detached from his actions, and keeps anyone not on the inside of his agenda at bay. He keeps the personal separate from the work; he’s a machine with hidden motives, perhaps from “Manchuria.”

  3. Bravo Honey, you nailed it.

    You’re a great writer and mix it with such comedy that totally drives the point.

    I wish all your reviews on the DNC would be on major newspapers. You would provide the R & R team quite a few undecided votes and Barry and Co. would be fuming at you.

    Again, THANKS…

    • Honey, your BabaluBlog pre-ObamaCare health coverage has denied your claim for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatments for watching three nights of the DNC convention. Sorry.

  4. Pitbull,

    How can Babalu deny coverage to Honey after all the laughs she provided with her spot on comments the last three days?

    The laugh therapy provided by her reviews helped me deal with the pain of seeing where America is being headed by Barry and the Communist/Marxist/Socialist looney crowds that follows him.

    If the B & B (Barry & Biden) team would ever get to read her DNC reviews they would explode in rage, lol.


    I hope you forward these DNC reviews to any of your influential friends to see if they can be published someplace else.

    These are outstanding reviews of what is truly going on with Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the Democrats today.

  5. Well, I did ask Rich Lowry if he wanted to see them and so far he hasn’t answered, which I assume means he has too much else to do. And I asked Andy Roth of the Club for Growth and he too said no. I did send them to someone who used to be connected with Breitbart.
    That’s okay. I have sent them to my friends and you can send them to yours and to any websites you feel like.
    What strikes me is that while I was writing them, I was angry, scared, sad and worried. Yet here you are all telling me how funny I was. Go figure.

    Rush was fabulous today. And he made a lot of the same observations I made, particularly about Cardinal Dolan’s remarks.
    Thank you, dear babalu, for giving me a home where I can vent all of my frustrations.
    Freedom, Ziva and George, your comments here are so special to me. And George, yours is hilarious.
    Thank you for being a good audience.

  6. Honey,

    I’m just as angry (if not more), not scared (because I’m not afraid of the liberals) but, sad and worried for America too because this won’t end up good for all of us and the liberal idiots are way too freaking stupid to understand it..

  7. Me three,me three, me three! Bravo t you honey. I appreciate your coverage as I couldn’t the communention after the first five minutes of Sibelius the first day. No more could I stomach. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it…you were awesome! 🙂

  8. ^oops-dang iPhone is not easy to use for posting! I meant bravo to you honey! I appreciate your coverage of the convention…

    I was thinking communism so the word convention was slaughtered on original post.

  9. I’ll take it misspelling and all.
    I was more worried while I was watching than I am now. If Romney and Ryan come out swinging, we should win.

  10. I just read that Obama got a convention bounce-how is that possible?-and has now highest approval ratings since Bin Ladin kill. And this comes after yet another horrible jobs report (labor participation rate keeps dropping-meaning more and more people have “given up” looking for a job)—how can this be?

  11. In case you didn’t get enough, would you believe in cleaning my mail and stuff I found another page of notes?

    I am reminded of when Rush said Clinton doesn’t sweat when he lies. He sweats when he is telling the truth.
    Clinton actually said this with no shame and without a hint of irony about Obama and his “courage” in killing Osama (why was that an example of courage?), “I hope that was the call I would have made.” Audacity! Unbelievable audacity. We all know that Clinton had Bin Laden in his sights and the brave men risking their lives (now THAT is courage!) were pleading for the right to take the shot and Clinton did not answer them and they had to abort the mission. There are rumors of how Clinton was otherwise engaged, but I won’t go into that now. We know that Clinton was constantly being urged by our intelligence services to take Bin Laden out and repeatedly asked to take seriously threats from Muslim extremists. And he ignored all that. But he gets a pass and is now the great elder statesman.

    Dick Durbin was in rare form, too. (Newt is here.) “We are stronger when we are all in this together.” Yeah because their side doesn’t believe in divisiveness of any kind. “Barak said let everyone go back to work.” A dissertation could be made on that one. I’ll just add a phrase, “unless you are on welfare”.

    Another speaker said, “We have no intention of downsizing the American dream!” As if it is the Reps. who have that intention and as if the Dems. have not proven themselves guilty of doing that. (Newt was here).

    This was the major theme – couched in pretty words but actually pretty revealing of who these people are. Listen and see if you don’t hear collectivism in this: “We see a future where everyone does his part, with clean energy. We want to promote the private sector not the privileged sector.”

    Here I must interrupt this rant. Did you get that? They want to promote the private sector, a joke in itself coming from them, but what would you expect the second half of such a phrase to be? If you want to promote the private sector, and not something else, isn’t it natural to mean not the public sector? But no, to these clowns the opposite of the private sector is the privileged sector. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about them, I don’t think you are paying attention.

    But I digress. So to continue, “Where no one is forced to live in the shadows. That is who we are. It is in our DNA.”

    Yeah, they only want you to live in the shadows if you are a Tea Party member, love Sarah Palin, or are Sarah Palin, or if you are Rush or Sean, or if you want to define marriage as between a man and a woman, or if you want to voice your opinion that abortion should not be universally adored, or if you don’t want the government to pay for NPR, or…..Other than that it is in their DNA that they don’t want the kind of America where you have to live in the shadows. And if they are implying that the Reps. want you to live in the shadows, then we get an F on that score because their side gets a lot of coverage in the msm and on blogs everywhere – no shadows for them.

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