4 thoughts on “Obama Review: The Last 3 1/2 Years in Under 13 1/2 Minutes”

  1. Obama is sooo–oooo bad. It depresses me that he has any popularity. Today shows a further convention bounce with Obama 49, Romney 45. How can that be? It was a horrible convention! I am starting to despair.

    I am worried that the issue is no longer ignorance/wishful thinking and instead that we have >50% moochers, and they want to keep Obama for that reason.

    Here is an interesting and depressing analysis:


  2. raddoc,

    Keep despair, keep positive and fighting, we know there are many brainwashed people in America. Our job is to make some of them see the light.

    Too much at stake in this election to loose hope. That’s what the liberals want us to do…

  3. This is a critical election; we do have to keep trying. But it is discouraging that the liberal tactics of the last 80 years (mainly starting with Roosevelt) seem to have truly taken root structurally and so have poisoned so many’s attitudes and values.

  4. Obama should be 10-15 points behind Romney. The fact things are at all close is a scandal and a disgrace, but more to the point, it’s a very serious warning that something is rotten in Denmark. Even if, God willing, Romney wins, there will still be a dangerously large segment of the electorate that cannot be trusted to do what’s best for the country and cannot be made to do it. These are people who are either ideologically diseased or who are seeking the easiest way out, meaning the path of least resistance, no matter what that entails for anybody else. We Cubans should be very familiar with this problem because, in principle, it applies to Cubans with respect to Cuba’s miserable situation: too many Cubans are either ideologically screwed up or only care about their immediate, personal issues and convenience, not the big picture or the long view. God help us, because we’re in grave danger.

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