I Won’t Debate, Don’t Ask Me

When asked by an ABC affiliate reporter about debating her challenger, DiFi gives some cock-and-bull about holding “meetings”, but finally pounces from her chair when directly asked about refusing a debate…

An empty chair seems to be the democrat MO these days. DiFi “eastwoods” herself on camera.

The biggest entitlement class in this country is, by far, the elected class in Washington D.C., and most especially those who have been holding seats for decades. It is why there needs to be term limits.

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4 thoughts on “I Won’t Debate, Don’t Ask Me”

  1. Don’t blame Feinstein. She figures she’s got that job for life and that she can get away with acting like it. I expect she’s right, and if she is, whose fault is it? Not hers. Never blame a politician for the fact there are enough voters willing to elect and re-elect lousy candidates to ANY position, including POTUS. Examples are everywhere, but all you have to do is look at that microcosm of chronic political dysfunction, Massachusetts. Why should a Ted Kennedy or a Barney Frank give a shit about propriety or decency when they can get away with practically anything, and they know it? Why should Bill Clinton worry about being shameless when he’s lionized like a beloved celebrity? Why should Rangel worry about getting caught in multiple ethics violations when his job is secure? It goes on and on and on. And no, it is NOT their fault that they’re being enabled. It is the fault of the enablers, period.

  2. Diane reminds me of Chávez, who’s also refusing to debate. But at least he has the excuse of being Latrine American.

  3. Asombra you are so right. Sadly, she’s my pukey Senator.
    The MSM and the democrats are one; except for sites like this, instapundit, etc., am radio like Rush, and occasionally FOXnews we are close to facing a functional one party system/dictatorship. Granted, we do have the house-thank God; but with the way things are, if there was a way to have information put out there in a more balnced way (ie-more of the “masses” learned that no, Obama did not inherit the worst economy; no, there are more folks dying in Afghanistan; no, the GM bailout and electric cars are not a good idea; no, there are not 100 million green jobs; then maybe people will stop acting like zombies and these folks will be voted out for sure.

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