Three for 9/11

Three excellent pieces from today:

”Fact Check: Osama Bin Laden Alive, General Motors Dead”

Vice President Joe Biden has a suggested slogan for the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign. He repeats it everywhere he goes. “Osama Bin Laden is dead,” he bellows, “and General Motors is alive!”

There’s only one problem. He’s wrong.

Yes, Bin Laden’s dead, thank God. And General Motors is still an operating concern. But in point of fact, the cause for which Osama Bin Laden stood is stronger than at any time in American history, thanks in large part to the Obama administration. And as for GM, it’s not so much alive as it is a member of the corporate living dead, feasting on taxpayer brains while slowly deteriorating, the first zombie company created by Obama’s cronyism.

On the eleventh anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s attack on America, it’s worthwhile to examine just what he hoped to accomplish. He spelled out his goals in three documents: a 1996 fatwa titled, “Declaration of War Against The Americans Occupying The Land of the Two Holy Places”; a 2002 “Letter to America”; and a 2004 video.

In these manifestos, he declared his willingness to die, of course. […]

”Remembering 9/11 … At Least for a Day” by Andrew C. McCarthy

It is difficult to say what’s harder to believe: that is has been 11 years since the 9/11 atrocities, or that national security has become an irrelevant issue in the most consequential presidential election in decades.

The first observation reminds us that today is a day of remembrance: of the loss of nearly 3000 of our fellow citizens; of the bravery of those who willingly gave their lives to save others; and of the heroism of the men and women who put on the line all that they have. That includes the love and well-being of their families, on whom the burden of American national security has been imposed while the rest of us go on with our lives — too often, without giving them a first thought, never mind a second.

No matter which political party has been in power since 9/11, there has been a great deal of bloviating about “the rule of law.” It is as if we had evolved beyond anything so crude and benighted as armed force and national interest — especially national defense. Let’s remember today that we have the luxury of living under something resembling the rule of law only because dedicated Americans sacrifice themselves to confront evil — in this case, the adherents of an evil ideology, Islamic supremacism, that is closer to the law of the jungle. The rule of law has precious little to do with why we have gotten through 11 years without a reprise of 9/11. A better explanation is that terrorists who have been captured or killed cannot commit more terrorism.

On the matter of evil, it is good to remember that it exists. Evil is not a misunderstanding, a cultural gulf, or a natural reaction to political policies adopted in pursuit of American interests or Israeli self-defense. That brings us to the second observation: the fact that national security concerns are absent from the 2012 campaign, even with tens of thousands of Americans at arms in distant hellholes, even with tens of millions of Americans enduring the increasingly overbearing government that has been the cost of heightened vigilance in an era when barbarism is met with political correctness. […]

9/11: Remember The Jumpers by Lloyd Marcus

Mary and I flew from Florida to Alexandria, Minnesota where I was the keynote speaker and entertainer (singer) at their “Rally for America.” As we approach another anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I caught segments of various 9/11 documentaries on TV in the hotel room.

I was struck by numerous stories of bravery and selfless acts of courage by our fellow Americans. A twenty-four year old man led a group of fellow employees to safety. He went back into one of the twin towers to rescue more, never to be seen again.

A survivor spoke of the look in the eyes of a fireman going up the stairwell as he passed him going down. The survivor said he felt the fireman knew he was possibly going to his death. And yet, he was speedily taking two steps at a time up the stairs.

I heard about a white man in one of the towers who upon hearing cries for help, pulled a brown man through a wall to safety. They both survived and have become lifelong friends. The incidents of Americans rising to the challenge on 9/11 are many. Some we will never know.

But there was a group of Americans on 9/11 who for the most part were ignored. I am talking about “the jumpers.” These people, like responsible adults, simply showed up for work on 9/11. Suddenly, they found themselves in an unimaginably horrific situation, having to decide whether to be consumed in an inferno or leap to their deaths. Dear Lord! […]

Gut wrenching isn’t it?

Never forget. Never again.

1 thought on “Three for 9/11”

  1. About that “GM is alive” thing.

    Obama and the Democrats (and Newt Gingrich) have spent a lot of time slamming Romney over jobs lost as a result of Bain Capital’s restructuring policies.

    So, what, one may ask, did Obama do in order to restructure GM?

    He sold Chrysler to Fiat, and shut down Pontiac.

    How many jobs lost there?

    Then, he closed down 800 Chrysler dealerships, which meant that those business owners lost their investment, and their employees lost their jobs.

    Anyone who provided services to those Chrysler dealerships lost a customer, and probably wasn’t paid monies due them. They may have been forced to cut back employees themselves to deal with their own losses.

    Manufacturers who sold parts to Chrysler dealerships lost a customer, like the service providers above, got stuck with unpaid bills, and may have been forced to lay off employees.

    All that, and GM is once again poised on the edge of bankruptcy.


    One last thing…

    Ninety-nine percent of Chrysler dealerships closed down by the Obama administration happened to have donated to Republican candidates for office.

    Media Matters dismissed that as “coincidence without causation”.

    Imagine that…

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