Taking Off The Mask


Eric Allen Bell at Front Page Magazine has a column “The True Face of Facebook” that needs to be read in full.

The True Face of Facebook and its double standards in dealing with pages directly threatening people who dare speak out against Islam.

Picture taken from a Muslim FB page which hates Jews and Counter Jihadists

And naturally this, anti-Jewish, pro-Muslim group also instructs its members to falsely report my page to Facebook:


I and hundreds of my friends have reported this page and this image to Facebook. And we all received similar automated emails back, telling us that the material did not violate any Facebook rules. Funny, by the time this article gets published online, I won’t be able to post it on my own Facebook wall, because I have been suspended for material that is offensive towards Muslims. Anyone else starting to see a pattern here?

4 thoughts on “Taking Off The Mask”

  1. Frankly, Facebook is a colossal waste of time. I am seriously considering killing my account — and this may be just the push over 11 I need to do it. If more of us did it, they’d take note. Twitter is a far better platform for conservatives.

  2. I’ve started to use my Facebook page as a type of news reel edited by those I trust (Drill.. Val.. others)
    Their IPO value falling in half is still funny to me.

    Add my name to those that have sent a complaint of this hate Pamela page.

    I still get updates from the Facebook page, “Insult Mohammad” almost daily. But Pamela (it’s just “Pamela” to me, everyone knows who I mean) has mentioned the tilt in how these protest pages are dealt with and it’s not like fairness is involved.

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