If “The Innocence of Muslims” Was The Cause for The Violence and Death Across The Muslim World “Zero Dark Thirty” Should Not See The Light of Day


The administration will not relent on blaming the stupid video, even though they and their water-carrying media are outnumbered by the facts.

John Nolte at Breitbart poses an interesting angle on the controversy of the last few days…

Now that the White House and State Department have made clear that they believe movies compel terrorists to terrorize, it’s time for them to get ahead of this problem. And one thing the White House can do immediately is to pressure Sony to stop the release of director Kathryn Bigelow’s “Zero Dark Thirty,” which celebrates the killing of Osama bin Laden.

I’m only saying this because, you know, the White House and the media told me movies inflame and cause terrorism.

Think about it: if the poorly produced and laughably bad trailer for “The Innocence of Muslims” results in chaos, murder, and the burning of foreign outposts all throughout the Middle East, how much rioting and mayhem is a big-budgeted, slickly produced, Oscar-bait blockbuster celebrating the death of the leader of al-Qaeda going to cause?

Moreover, an excuse Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not be able to use in the case of “Zero Dark Thirty” (as she did with “Innocence of Muslims”) is the cowardly and self-righteous claim that the federal government and the Obama White House had nothing to do with “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Because the federal government and the Obama White House had everything to do with “Zero Dark Thirty.”

As we now know, in an effort to get this glitzy in-kind contribution (tens of millions of dollars) up on the screen in time to affect the election, it was the Obama Administration that gave the filmmakers tons of encouragement and a troubling amount of access to all kinds of classified material.

But this very same Obama Administration has since learned that it wasn’t the Obama Doctrine of disengaging with the Middle East and embracing the Muslim Brotherhood that caused all this mayhem and murder last week. It was a movie.

This means that the only responsible thing for the Obama Administration to do is to get proactive and, in the interest of national security and to help ensure the safety of Americans overseas, put as much pressure as they can on Sony to stop the distribution of “Zero Dark Thirty.”

After all, this is what the Administration did to YouTube to stop the distribution of “The Innocence of Muslims.”


John Nolte goes on to echo my views on Hollywood’s deafening silence on this whole episode.

On a side note…

I find it tiring to hear liberals now scoffing at conservatives being outraged at the middle of the night haul-in of the anti-Islam/Mohammed video director by the feds over the weekend. They are the hypocrites. Supposedly our reason for defending him is because the filmmaker is an Egyptian Coptic Christian. Well, that might fit their sniping narrative, but I have been a twenty-three year supporter of writer Salman Rushdie and his right to free speech without threat of death (I just haven’t been blogging that long). What is even more reprehensible about these critics is these same people have had nothing to say for years about those Copts in Egypt being harassed and killed, their homes and churches burned to the ground, in a genocidal move to eradicate them from Egypt, alarmingly escalating since the “Arab Spring”. But I guess that’s not important, and is a topic for another day. My alarm and outrage is the selective nature of liberals and leftists in their views of who does and does not have defendable First Amendment rights. I am not one of those who insist Chris Matthews or Bill Maher be ripped off the airwaves because of their views. I am one of those that points out their disgusting idiocy, but defends their right to say what they say, and be at the mercy of the standards and tolerance of their own bosses … and the free market (loss of ratings and by that sponsorship). But then, were it Christians and/or Catholics rioting and murdering over blasphemous artworks or Bible desecration (and there has been plenty to riot over) these same people would be chastising Christianity as barbaric and evil.

Come to think of it, I don’t seem to recall Hollywood or the MSM, or these critics with their up-turned noses saying too much when Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered in the street for his free speech … against Islam.


But then we are talking about those who believe the crocodile will eat them last, no matter what name the crock goes by.

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  1. Where is Jeanine Garafulo? 70% of the deaths in Afghanistan happened under Obama’s short watch. And 80% of the number of wounded. She cried in advance of our going in to Afghanistan under GW. “The body bags. I hope I will be proven wrong. Boo hoo.”
    Where are her tears now for the service people who have died and been wounded at more than twice the rate in a shorter time because of Obama’s rules of engagement? Is she all cried out or does she only cry for those killed under Republican presidents?

  2. “My alarm and outrage is the selective nature of liberals and leftists in their views of who does and does not have defendable First Amendment rights.”

    Nailed it drill…

  3. Honey –

    I heard Rush Limbaugh mention those figures this afternoon. Did you read them somewhere?

    And can you kick me a link right here?


  4. I used yahoo search. This is only one of many similar articles. It’s funny I got nothing on google. I wonder why.

    Media Ignores Increased Deaths, Casualties in Afghanistan Under Obama
    Tuesday, 11 September 2012 (6 days ago)

    Media Ignores Increased Deaths, Casualties in Afghanistan Under ObamaOn the somber 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, nearly 2,000 members of the U.S. military have died in Afghanistan since the war started in response to the attacks in 2011. (Honey says, I guess that should read 2001) The Defense Department has tallied 1,987 deaths. The Associated Press has counted 1,980. Other organizations put the number above 2,000. In addition, according to the Defense Department, 17,519 service members have been wounded in Afghanistan.

    What is more striking, though, is more U.S. soldiers have been killed and wounded during President Barack Obama’s first term in office than (during) former President George W. Bush’s two terms. And the anti-war mainstream media that regularly counted the number of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush, for the most part, has been silent on the number of deaths and casualties that have resulted under Obama.

    Under former President George W. Bush, 575 American soldiers died and fewer than 3,000 were wounded in Afghanistan. This means under Obama, at least 1,405 soldiers have died and nearly 15,000 additional soldiers have been wounded, which means 70% of the deaths and nearly 80% of the injuries in Afghanistan have occurred under Obama’s watch.

    In 2010, Obama sent 33,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan as part of the “surge,” and Americans have been received with more hostility with each passing day. In June, Obama announced he would accelerate the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, and America would transfer security duties to the Afghans in 2014.

    Because Obama is a Democrat, the media has been reluctant to shine more of a light on Afghanistan’s destabilization under Obama. Perhaps the media is afraid that such reports would make Americans question whether Obama has mismanaged the Afghanistan war like he has the economy. Or maybe the media does not want to report on anything that would make Democrats seem weak on national security, as was the case when Bill Clinton was president.

    For whatever reason, the mainstream media is not reporting the striking increase in deaths and casualties in Afghanistan under Obama, again helping Obama through their omissions.

    So, drill, as I said before, where is Jeanine Garafolo? We know where she is not, don’t we?

  5. Honey –

    Thanks for the info. I want to post it, and I’ll HT ya.

    As to JG, well, we know she’s not taking a shower…

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