And he is still laughing, along with his brother

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From Capitol Hill Cubans:

Obama Rewards Castro Regime With Business Meeting
at 9:14 AM Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Currently, there is a wave of repression brutalizing Cuba’s courageous pro-democracy movement; there are 27 dissidents on a hunger strike (some near death) protesting the unjust imprisonment of a colleague; and there is an American hostage going on his third year of arbitrary detention by the Castro regime.

Yet, despite all of these reprehensible acts, the Obama Administration’s Treasury Department has decided to grant a business meeting on September 28th to Cubaexport (Empresa Cubana Exportadora de Alimentos y Productos Varios), a trade monopoly owned by the Castro brothers.

Apparently, Cubaexport is insistent upon legitimizing and eventually commercializing property in the United States that has been illegally confiscated.

And the Treasury Department seems all-too-willing to listen — despite this issue having already been settled by the U.S. Congress and federal courts.

Perhaps this is simply a bureaucratic move by the Treasury Department.

But it is unlikely to have granted the meeting without foreign policy guidance from the State Department.

Why send mixed messages at such a delicate time?

See the Treasury Department’s letter here.  And please note the name of the attorney and the law firm  representing the Castronoid thieves.

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  1. The commie-loving Obama and his comrades know they are going down in November, so they’re trying to lay the groundwork for as much damage as they can do starting November 7th.

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