Because only the best and brightest visit that island

A great mind hard at work
A great mind hard at work

Nobel Prize candidate for sure, this soft spoken visitor to Castrolandia.

Though King Fidel was unable to hold an audience — for the usual reasons — the visitor did manage to chat with Prince Regent Raul. And, since he is such a towering intellect, the distinguished visitor also got to lecture at the University of Havana, better known as the Cloaca Maxima of higher learning in the Western Hemisphere.

Three memorable quotes from this religious leader, suitable for framing:

—- “The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man.”

—- “Qaddafi is hated because he is the leader of a small country that is rich, but he uses his money to finance liberation struggles.”

—– “White people are potential humans – they haven’t evolved yet.”

….. oh….by the way, Prince Regent Raul told him he is ready to open talks with the United States, unconditionally. Yes, you can bet on that.  And while you are at it, you can also bet on  this blogger winning next year’s Tour de France.

US Nation of Islam leader visits Prince Regent Raul of Castrolandia
(AFP) – 23 hours ago

HAVANA — Louis Farrakhan, leader of the US-based Nation of Islam, met with President Raul Castro Thursday to discuss the future of US-Cuban relations, the US visitor told reporters.

In their two-hour meeting, Farrakhan said that Castro asked him to tell the world that Cuba is ready to talk with the United States without preconditions.

Cuba and the United States have had no diplomatic relations since 1961, and the Communist-led island has been under a US trade embargo since 1962.

The 79 year-old US activist, who heads the African-American religious movement founded in the US city of Detroit, also blasted the crudely-made amateur online video attacking the prophet Mohammed that has unleashed widespread protests in the Muslim world.

Farrakhan said that he believed the person who made the controversial video “The Innocence of Muslims” was ignorant about Islam and did not consider the consequences of his actions.

Farrakhan arrived on the island on Saturday and leaves on Friday.

Before meeting Castro on Thursday, Farrakhan delivered a lecture at the University of Havana.

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  1. Well, he sure can dress, can’t he? This is called a malignant dork. But of course Castro, Inc. loves the Jewish people. It just has a strange way of showing it.

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