Yes, and you can also blame all hurricanes and other natural disasters on the U.S.


In the kingdom of Castrolandia, nothing  can ever be blamed on the Royal Family and their henchmen.  And since they are all courting President O-baba for more favors, they invent some evil conspiracy within the U.S.A. and cast the blame on these shadowy villains.   Maybe they’ve been taking Austin Powers a little too seriously.

And all of their lies and propaganda get published as “news” all over the world.

US spread dengue virus in Cuba as part of bio-warfare: Expert

by Salim Ahmed for the Pakistan Observer

Lahore— The United States used dengue virus as a tool of bio-warfare and spread it in Cuba in 1971, said Dr Aramis Martinez, Vector Borne Disease Central Consultant, Zambian National Larviciding Programme Coordinator, Cuba.

He was addressing a meeting of Dengue Research Group at Al Raazi Hall here on Saturday. PU VC Dr Mujahid Karman chaired the meeting while Mr Jorge Luis Martinez, Director International Sales, Cuba, Registrar Prof Dr Aurangzeb Alamgir, Chairman Dengue Research Group Dr Saeed Akhtar, Chairman Zoology Department Dr Muhammad Akhtar, heads of various sub groups and members participated in the meeting.

Dr Aramis Martinez said that Cuba controlled dengue fever through vector control, larvae control, community involvement and case management.

He said that only one type of Dengue was found in Cuba i.e. Aedes Aegypti and vector control and wise use of harmless chemicals played vital role in containing the disease. He said that we should combine the work of entomologistS with other experts to fight the disease.

He said that government was responsible only to provide resources and it was the prime responsibility of private sector to move forward and collaborate in controlling the disease.

He said that Pakistani experts should be well aware of the habits of dengue mosaquito as in 2006 in Cuba, the dengue mosquito changed its habits and its breeding sites were found on the rooftop, tree holes etc.

He said that uncontaminated and harmless chemical insecticides should be used against dengue mosquito. PU VC Dr Mujahid Kamran said that the United States tested viruses not only in Cuba and other countries but it also experimented dengue virus on its own population in Florida.

He said that it could not be ruled out that the Dengue fever in Pakistan was a part of bio-warfare of the United States.

He said that biological and psychological warfare was going on and it should be kept in mind that the enemy of Cuban, American people and the whole mankind was not United States but a clique of supreme rich families who controlled the United States behind the curtain.

He said that the only way to fight their onslaught was cultivation of knowledge and awareness and Cuba was an example for us which was facing pressures from USA bravely for the last 50 years.

He said that Cuba was the only country which was spending maximum of its GDP i.e 18 percent on education and also stood 15th in the recent Olympics and our rulers should learn a lesson from it.

Earlier, Dr Saeed Akhtar welcomed the delegates and briefed them about the work of Dengue Research Group.

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