Suffer The Fools

Radio shock jock Howard Stern sent his guys out on the streets of New York’s Harlem to ask Obama supporters why they will again vote for the man. The results, while not surprising, speak for themselves…

Meanwhile, a woman who several years ago decided to pretty much dump the USA for England and a faux British accent seemed to find time to do some endorsing and campaigning for Obama (and out him as a “black Muslim” … or something) during her lame concert tour to promote her floundering latest CD and her very obvious has been career … and the results are predictable (Language Warning)…

By the way, the woman has promised to strip naked on stage should Obama get re-elected. So, just one more reason in the long and growing list of reasons why Barry Obama must lose in November.

You see, all the fame and fortune in the world cannot buy a person’s way out of the catagory of useful idiot.

10 thoughts on “Suffer The Fools”

  1. Look, this is all she knows and all she can do. She’s totally locked into her own shtick, and by now it’s trite and stale. She’s also, despite her “trangressive” image, a complete coward when it comes to doing anything truly “incorrect” by the standards of her world, just like the rest of her celebrity brethren. These people would never dare do something like Eastwood did at the RNC. They simply don’t have the guts. And besides, it could be worse. It could be Cher.

  2. And she’s no idiot; she’s just not as useful as formerly. But she’s always been a fashion victim, even if it was a fashion of her own making.

  3. Asombra as always gets it right. As he says, people like Madonna are cowards, because they never do anything truly “incorrect.” It’s very easy to be a “liberal” democrat in Hollywood in fact, its expected if you want to get ahead. What’s more, that “old heffer” [as the late Michael Jackson used to call her] is only trying to garner attention. She knew that by calling Obama a “black muslim” she would make a few headlines. That’s what its all about. She wants to be relevant. It’s all a variation of on the same theme. When she was younger, she kissed Britney Spears on the mouth on an award show, etc… It’s all very calculated and ultimately very sad. As she gets older and uglier and her music becomes increasing boring, she will have to continue to do more outlandish things. I.E. the strip naked thing. What’s next, a porno movie?

  4. Madonna was exiled from my attention ages ago, so I didn’t know till seeing this video how painfully tight her face has been made. It’s a mask. I mean, Pelosi looks more natural. The full Joan Rivers horror can’t be far behind. Yikes.

    And for those who may not know, Betty White publicly endorsed O-baba.

  5. Regarding Madonna’s babble, I would say that’s when I would leave the concert but upon hearing so much joy and cheer from an American crowd for having “a black Muslim in the White House” that’s when one wants to leave the country and gladly see these pansy imbeciles go down and eat their own crap from abroad.

  6. Re: porno movie with Madonna, don’t discount that creative idea in the future. She did put out a book during the height of her career. And had a flick or two where she tempted the idea, not to mention her music videos.

    Anyhow, I am less than 6 months older than her, and I can honestly say look atleast 10 years younger, without whatever surgery she has over-paid for. Her face really is like a mask.

    But it’s her body that puzzles me. I have no idea what the hell work-out she is doing but she looks like hell. She looks like a corpse with the skin peeled away. Her muscles are not ‘built’ but seem elongated. And for all her working out, and she is an addict, I cannot understand that belly that looks 4-5 months pregnant. Then there is the vampire-like fear of the sun. When she goes to the beach she is covered head to toe like a burka woman. And the oddity of the fingerless gloves she is now habitually wearing, some running up her fore arms to her elbows, and some even up past the elbows.

    If she is trying to make herself look younger she is failing horribly. She is ugly on the inside, and THAT is what is seeping out at this point in her life. I am reminded of an old horror flick from the early 1960s “The Wasp Woman” where the woman needed to lure young babes into her home, then pierce the back of their necks and drain the spinal fluid from them to inject into herself to keep her youth.

    The woman had all the fame, fortune, and influence to build her own entertainment empire to rule over, but decided she was some great filmaker instead … not to mention she believes she has the milage to keep gyrating on stage. She lives in her own little warped reality.

  7. BTW, she is just one person whose followers are as lost and hopeless as she is.

    The Howard Stern audio is what is even more frightening. Those street interviews are just a small example of the ignorance people have when they go into the voting booth. The horror is those who are a bit smarter, but too lazy to ‘bother’ to get their minds involved in these political things. They just go in and vote.

    Makes the old saying, “A people get the government they deserve” even more understandable.

    For all the celebrating of “democracy” in the “Arab Spring” those who fully intended to inflict anything BUT democracy on the masses over there just used ‘democracy’ as a tool/vehicle to have the ignorant masses vote themselves out of democracy … which they did. And it continues here as well, little by little.

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