Father Marcel Stands Up for Religious Freedoms

The video below was shot Monday at a rally in front of the White House. Father Marcel is one of the few Catholic priests in the American church with the gumption to not only stand up to the Obama administration, but also the prevailing voices in the Church hierarchy who are sitting idly by as our religious freedoms are destroyed.

3 thoughts on “Father Marcel Stands Up for Religious Freedoms”

  1. A personal comment.
    Go look at the cover of National Review’s recent issue. Anyone who watched the Democrat convention could see that what this priest is saying is correct.
    How is the left winning this issue? By the slippery slope.
    There are specific instances where I do not agree with what I have seen as intolerance on some of these issues on the right. But The extremism of the left on the “social issues” displays intolerance to a much larger extent.
    I admit I am conflicted on some things. And the left has a great fear of the choice of Supreme Court appointments being in the hands of the right. That is why they are so motivated to fight a Romney win. But from what I have seen of the behavior of the left and their tyrannical usurpation of power imposing their ideas on the rest of us, on balance I fear the left much more.

    I once wrote William Buckley and told him no one has any right to force a woman not to have an abortion when he is not going to take personal responsibility for the consequences of that decision. My comment interested Buckley, this pro life Catholic, and he opened up almost an entire issue of the magazine to articles presenting all views on the subject. Now where could you find in any left wing magazine such an open forum?

    There ought to be permitted a back and forth of this discussion. And, while I have encountered several pro life individuals with a tyrannical bent, most of the pro life people I encounter are willing to hear me out and respond reasonably. Almost no militant “pro choice” person is willing to allow an alternative view as rational. Too bad blogs and other advocates are using these issues to make extremists out of us all.
    One thing is certain. Forcing any church to pay for things against their consciences is seriously wrong and offers another argument for giving each of us the power to design our own health insurance policies and get the government out of this.

  2. This priest is very courageous, I wished the Church hierarchy had such balls but, as we learned earlier this year during the Pope visit to Cuba, the problem is that the hierarchy is more interested in dealing with the Devil that standing up to his evil deeds.

    Without a doubt the top hierarchy of the RCC starting by this Pope and his closest Cardinals need to be replaced with priests like Father Marcel that have more courage to stand up for Christ’s values that the rest of the old goats.

    Also the top hierarchy of the American RCC must grow some balls and become more vocal against Obama and the Democrats. To much is at stake in this election.

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