Delivering us from evil, one inappropriate site at a time…sort of.

I was having a terrible day.

We arrived at Jackson Memorial Hospital at 6:30 that morning to check in for surgery slated to begin two hours later. It wasn’t until 3:45 that afternoon that the OR finally became available.

Now, in my humble opinion, if you must have complex surgery, University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital’s facilities is where you want to have the surgery; we had the best surgeon, in the best hospital. It seems that everyone agrees with that assessment, and that accounted for the delay.

So, before I write another word, I want to make something CRYSTAL clear:

The people that I had contact with there, from the cheerful lady who brought the meals to the room, to the nurses and doctors, from our surgeon to his interns, and from the patient care specialists to the cafeteria staff, were all just incredible. After all the bad publicity that Jackson gets I expected a disaster, but that disaster never materialized; to be fair, the delay in the surgery was due to an emergency, and that’s a normal. everyday occurrence in any hospital in the U.S.

Anyway…I sat here, nearly 12 hours after pulling into the parking lot, lounging in a waiting room that I will admit was far more comfortable than your run-of-the-mill two-bad-couches-and-an-old-TV-tuned-to-CNN typical waiting room, thinking that someone would update me on how the surgery was progressing, when I decided to avail myself of the computers set up for guests and family members to use as they wait. I wanted to bun some time checking my email and catching up on what was going on in the world.

My inbox was typically bulging with Presidential election year political spam…but from the good guys, so I didn’t mind, and off to the web I went.

The first site I tried to visit was blocked, deemed as inappropriate.

I was slightly annoyed, but I have run across public access computers that block blogs and forums based on content in the past, so I wasn’t surprised. Having no choice, I decided to get my news from elsewhere, and I was glad to see that Drudge was available.

However, I couldn’t let that “inappropriate” word out of my mind.

Who decides what is inappropriate for the public computers at a State facility, and what exactly is the definition of what may be deemed inappropriate to begin with?

So, I went off in a search:


OK, so lefty sites trying to pretend to be centrist are not blocked.


Flat-out vulgar leftist sites are not blocked.


Sites promoting the overthrow of our Republican form of government and our Constitution are not blocked.


The official media arm of a murdering dictator is not blocked.


A murdering dictator’s useful idiot is not blocked.

But if you try to access a site run by a hard-hitting bunch of intransigent Cubiches with a passion for freedom, justice, and truth, you get this:


I don’t know whether to be proud, insulted, or both.


I am thinking that I may have to issue a public apology here, because men should own up to their errors.

It seems that “Alex” at Two Shores has take umbrage at my describing him (the blog) as “a murdering dictator’s useful idiot”, and perhaps that was a crazy thing for me to say.

Alex, you are right…I went too far by calling you “a murdering dictator’s useful idiot.”

There is absolutely nothing useful about you.

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  1. Luis, I just wonder what is deemed inappropriate from Babalu. I’d be proud. But inquire and I’m sure you’ll find some lefty who doesn’t want to be confused with the facts. Is Granma considered appropriate? Somebody has to decide what is and isn’t.

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