The sacrificial lamb has been shorn and taken to the altar. Immolation postponed.

carromero trial
Carromero arrives

Someone shaved his head.  Lice?  Punishment?  Humiliation?

The trial lasted eleven hours.  Five judges: three professionals, and two “popular” ones.  Several witnesses.   Prosecution charged vehicular manslaughter and renewed its call for a seven-year prison sentence.  Defense argued that the defendant never exceeded 50 miles per hour and that the abysmal road conditions should be taken into account.  Verdict has not been reached and may take several days.   If found guilty he may get the maximum sentence, to be served in Castrolandia.  Or he may be sent back to Spain, to serve it there.    His family hopes he will be back in Spain by late October or November.  Apparently, they have been given reason to think that the sacrificial lamb will be spared, or sent back home.

But no one knows for sure.  A very detailed report in Spanish has been published by ABC.  Go here for that.    In English, the BBC is less detailed.

Court tries Angel Carromero over Oswaldo Paya death

BBC News

Spanish national Angel Carromero has gone on trial in Cuba accused of manslaughter over the death of high-profile dissident Oswaldo Paya.

Mr Carromero has been in custody since 22 July when a car he was driving hit a tree and crashed, killing Mr Paya and another Cuban activist, Harold Cepero.

The trial was held in Bayamo, east of the capital Havana. The date of the court verdict is yet to be announced.

A dissident blogger is said to have been arrested on her way to the trial.

The blogger, Yoani Sanchez, is known for highlighting issues affecting young Cubans on the communist-run island.

The pro-government blog said she was arrested with her husband because they planned a “provocation” and “media show” that could endanger the credibility of the trial.

The trial in Bayamo – close to where the fatal accident happened – lasted one day.

Mr Carromero, 27, the head of the youth wing of Spain’s ruling Popular Party, told the court he felt “profound sorrow for the unfortunate accident that took place”.

But he denied that he had been speeding at the time, as alleged by prosecutors.

“The last time that I looked at my speedometer, I was not going faster than 80 or 90km/h (50-55mph),” he said.

“I have lost a lot during this time, and I’m going to lose even more, but nothing in comparison with the pain felt by the families involved.”

Mr Carromero and a Swedish activist were injured in the crash. Prosecutors are seeking a seven-year term for vehicular manslaughter.

Spanish consul Tomas Rodriguez, who was observing the trial, said: “We will see how it all comes out. We are optimistic.”

Oswaldo Paya’s family has disputed the circumstances around the 60-year-old’s death and has alleged the vehicle was deliberately forced off the road.

Mr Paya was best known as the founder of the Varela project, a campaign begun in 1998 to gather signatures in support of a referendum on laws guaranteeing civil rights.

The UK-based human rights group Amnesty International criticised the “arbitrary arrests” of Ms Sanchez and her husband, and called for an end to restrictions on free expression in Cuba.

The US State Department also condemned the arrests.

“We are very deeply disturbed by the Cuban government’s repeated use of arbitrary detention to silence critics, disrupt peaceful assembly and certainly to impede independent journalism,” said spokesman Mark Toner.

Carromero after the trial

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  1. Wasn’t there a recent news story about Spain and Cuba reps meeting to discuss the possibility of increased Spanish investment in Cuba? Hmm… How desperate are the dictators?

  2. He looks ready to sing whatever tune he’s told, the poor schmuck. If the Spanish had any real dignity and self-respect, they wouldn’t put up with this humiliating travesty, just as Obama should never have put up with the Gross business. But, both the Spanish and Obama are what they are, and Castro, Inc. knows it and acts accordingly—very old story. Even if Spain were not in such dire straits as it is now, it would be no different. The farce would go on and Spain would take it and keep doing business as usual. Well, maybe Cubans aren’t so reprehensible after all, or at least they can blame their Spanish genes.

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