Hugo Chavez’s ultimate back-up plan

Hugolino's last line of defense against democracy
Hugolino's last line of defense against democracy

ABC in Spain reports today on a story that has not received as much attention as it deserves.  Go here for that, in Spanish (includes a video): “The Guardians of the Bolivarian Revolution.” Here is a brief summary of its contents, in English.

Venezuela’s election may have all of the external trappings of a real contest, but in addition to the customary wrinkles that make fraud possible under a corrupt  dictatorial regime, this election is going to be affected by a much more sinister force:  paramilitary brigades that do the bidding of Hugo Chavez.

Funded by Chavez, and linked to international terrorist organizations, such as the Basque ETA in Spain, (and  Castrolandia, too, naturally), these armed gangs stifle dissent and terrorize the populace.  Many think that these goon squads are largely responsible for Venezuela’s alarming murder rate, which is the highest in the entire world: 130 murders per 100,000 citizens.  In Caracas alone, there are at least fifteen such squads, heavily armed.

Some experts say that many Venezuelans will be afraid to vote for Capriles — even though they prefer him to Chavez — simply out of fear that anonymity is not guaranteed in the voting process, and that these thugs will wreak vengeance on anyone who refuses to vote for Chavez.   Others fear that if Capriles does manage to win the election, these paramilitary forces will join with the Venezuelan army to keep Chavez in power by force.   Chavez himself has threatened civil war if he should lose the election.  These hired killers are an essential part of the formula.

Pray for Venezuela.   hugo cuernos

4 thoughts on “Hugo Chavez’s ultimate back-up plan”

  1. He’s not stepping down unless the military force him to, and they’re in his pocket. He cannot conceive of being rejected, except by people so worthless that they don’t deserve any respect or consideration (and can be suppressed, incarcerated and/or eliminated as needed). He’s the Frankenstein that Venezuela created, and yes, there is always a price to pay for such folly. Venezuela is not through paying yet.

  2. This has Hamas and Hezbollah training written all over it.

    Don’t you love when commie and Islamic fascists get together?

  3. The issue in Venezuela is that there are enough firearms in the hands of the opposition, unlike Cuba’s case in which Fidel Castro removed the right to possess firearms from regular Cubans right after he took power.

    I doubt the Venezuelan opposition will have the balls to take up arms to confront Chavez and his thugs if the election results are stolen by those bastards. The opposition better be prepared for that worst case scenario and I don’t think they’re.

    The next three days promise to be very interesting in Venezuela.

  4. Starting tomorrow, we’ll witness how Hugo Chavez will steal Venezuela’s election results.

    How he’ll do it is what will vindicate our greatest fears…

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