4 thoughts on “We’ve heard this before, haven’t we?”

  1. This is the guy they tell us needs a teleprompter. Kinda’ makes you wonder why.
    This is the guy they call the great orator. I never thought he was and don’t think so now.
    If you listen to what he is saying, whenever he says something you might agree with it is when he is saying something he doesn’t believe.

  2. He he he ….this ad reminded me of obie’s “just words” speech back in ’08 —’cause that’s all he is, a tangled and mangled web of hot aired language void of substance — with the dark, ironic twist that the words he used in his 2008 speech were not his but had been lifted from a non-teleprompting address by MA gov Deval Patrick in ’06

    but I digress ……. what a pathetic bore is a liar without creativity

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