4 thoughts on “ABC News: The State Department admits that they lied about the attack on the US Embassy in Libya”

  1. So, does this change the “Romney lied” narrative or what?

    How about the “Bush lied, people died” thingy?

    Bill Clinton lied about getting his #%&@ sucked in the Oval office, now Hillary lies about the US Ambassador getting f$^%k over by the Obama administration and the State Department.

    This could possibly end two Presidencies…Obama’s, and any thoughts Hillary may have had about 2016.

  2. It can’t be. Obama took out Osama (with minor technical help), Biden’s a foreign policy guru, and Hillary’s brilliant (she also has her BFF Huma Abedin on hand for advice on Muslim matters). This must be, yes, a vast right wing conspiracy! No, strike that, it’s a bit trite. The Copts did it! The Copts are behind this! Round them up and send them all to Gitmo!

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