The State Department: We Didn’t Say What You Heard Us Say for Days After the Benghazi Attack – UPDATE

As they say, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt”. Ironically Egypt ain’t looking any better-off than Libya, but that’s for another post. It is just very difficult now to deny the timeline leading to the attack in Libya, and they know it.

As the Congressional hearings begin today on the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, two of the three women, by the way, that originally pressured Obama to get involved in the Libya uprising and the ousting of Gaddafi, are about to become bumps in Obama’s road under his bus (recall the TV ad they paid for with our money to appease the Pakis)… and being the weekend is approaching we could possibly see one or more resignations…

What is even more telling is that a telephone conference was held early yesterday evening by the State Department with the MSM … and FOX News was completely left out in the dark and cold. Why? Because they appeared to be the only news agency pressing forward and digging into the lead-up to the attacks? Oh yeah, and the obligatory and shallow faux follow-up apology after the fact from the State Department for the ommission of FNC … Uh huh.

I imagine the administration only wanted their loyal MSM operatives on-line for damage control. After all, it has now been suggested this is now somehow a problem, or the fault of, the … republicans, and that the republicans are politicizing all of this.

I just do not know how this administration and its State Department, continually boasting about having killed Osama Bin Laden and even neutering Al-Qaeda, believed they could bury the paper trail of emails and documented prior attacks that were the ominous forewarnings of what was to come on the anniversary of 9/11

The U.S. mission in Libya recorded 230 “security incidents” over a one-year period between 2011 and 2012, according to a State Department document that provides the most expansive view yet of the concerns on the ground in the run-up to the deadly Sept. 11 consulate attack.

The document was obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is preparing to hold a high-profile hearing on Wednesday featuring security officers who served in Libya.

One of them, Eric Nordstrom, claimed in an Oct. 1 email — obtained by Fox News — that he had argued for additional security, citing the “number of incidents that targeted diplomatic missions.”

However, Nordstrom suggested the U.S. government was eager to give the impression that Libya was safer than it was and declined.

“These incidents paint a clear picture that the environment in Libya was fragile at best and could degrade quickly,” he wrote. “Certainly, not an environment where post should be directed to ‘normalize’ operations and reduce security resources in accordance with an artificial time table.”

The account is similar to that of Lt. Col. Andy Wood, the former head of a Special Forces security team who has also agreed to testify. He has given similar accounts in the media of being rebuffed in calling for more security.

The testimony is sure to fuel the firestorm on Capitol Hill over the administration’s handling of the attack — both in terms of security before the attack and the public explanation afterward of what happened.

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You have to wonder if Rep. Issa will have a TV wheeled into the hearing room so that he can play the full video…

Meanwhile the man the Obama administration worked so hard to lay the false blame on is quite possibly be in danger for his very life as he heads to court.

I also wanted to include Gov. Mitt Romney’s story about having accidently met one of the former Navy SEALs that was killed during the Benghazi attack last month. Go to the link and watch the heartfelt video.


HotAir mentions today that Sec. Hillary Clinton has been MIA of late (see the fifth link in this post above). Now comes this: “Obama meets with Hillary at the White House as damaging Libya attack details emerge”

Strategy session on the Benghazi scandal, or discussing her exit plan?

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  1. I doubt Hillary will take it quietly. No weekend resignations for her. He’ll have to fire her if he wants her gone. And then, she’s free to talk all she likes.

  2. Obama already owes Bill big time for that DNC speech, which almost saved his ass. No matter what Hillary did or didn’t do, he’s responsible, period.

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