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  1. Okay, Luis, I want to know if you read someone applying that verse after Biden’s performance or actually thought of it yourself. Outstanding!

    Incidentally, we’re all acquainted with the saying that age brings wisdom. I’ve long found that to be true in general but not always true in particular. I’ve met many wise young people and some incredibly foolish older people.

    Note that in this particular match-up, the wise man is more than a quarter-century younger than the fool. That is what results from having the right temperament plus the right outlook. Grant that in the midst of a heated argument we all have the wisdom to say to ourselves: “I must be completely on the wrong track here. Everything I say winds up sounding like Joe Biden.”

  2. Actually, I wanted to do a poster, but didn’t want to use the old “argue with an idiot” phrase, so I decided to look up the etymology of the saying, and eventually came across this verse. I thought that I would run across a Shakespearean saying, I am not Biblically proficient to the degree that I would know this without research.

    Once I got to the idea that “idiot” would have been “fool”, I found a Biblical quote that would have applied, then this one came up.

    However, someone beat me to using it, so I posted their work.

    That’s why you don’t see my “Darkdrake” signature on the poster.

  3. He’s not a fool, exactly. He’s no Anthony Weiner. Biden is a remarkably pure version of the politician stereotype, so pure that he seems to be a movie character, an actor playing such a politician. He’s a shameless, unapologetic hack who’s been enabled too much for too long, and doing so well has convinced him that he’s both deserving and entitled to be himself, even if it’s on the public dime. In other words, being Biden has worked quite nicely for him, so why should he be otherwise? Why mess with success? I mean, if you could get elected to high political office and get re-elected term after term for decades, wouldn’t you feel justified and validated? Don’t “the people” know best? Who’s really responsible for Joe Biden’s career? No, the problem is not Joey. He is what he is and does what he can, what he knows, what has worked damn well for him for years. Don’t blame the effect; blame the cause.

  4. Luis Gonzalez: Sorry for the late response, but I think you did a great job with that, however you located the quote. I believe I saw that line quoted somewhere else shortly after the debate, as well. It just seems to work, you know?

  5. I should note that my earlier quote about wise young people was perhaps prompted by my age, which is 31. Being relatively young made me consider all the older people out there, like Biden, who strike me as foolish. Also, I knew someone in high school who was somewhat like Paul Ryan, minus the politics. Generally speaking, he was grounded, wise, and perceptive. And I think many of us knew people in high school who remind us of Biden.

  6. By the way, my apologies to the folks around here for not mentioning earlier my age and how that perhaps affected my thought process about Biden, age, and wisdom. I usually try to mention items that I think may affect my viewpoint, both because I think it’s honest and because of a sort of obsessive-compulsiveness about such things.

    Imagine a press where this was the rule: “I’m a liberal Democrat and this very much affects my reporting. I think you should know that from the start.”

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