“You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

The Joker was Wild vs “MATH”

I tried to keep track, but as with most everyone else watching, was fairly mesmerized at the Obama administration substituting Joe Biden with The Joker in last night’s VP debate. But it is the Halloween season

A couple of important points we all may have missed during last night’s classless clown performance:

Biden “literally” threw the CIA under the bus over the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi, Libya. (Note to Joe, ask Nancy Pelosi about crapping all over the CIA, buddy.)

Biden admitted, lost to him obviously, that during this current administration Iran has amassed more fissile materials to make a bomb. But that’s okay because they don’t yet have a bomb … However, the same intelligence Biden is citing is doing just fine with info on Iran’s nuke production but he threw them under the bus on Benghazi, by the way … Mmmm-kay. But, you know, Iran having nukes is fall off the chair and roll on the floor laughing funny as hell. And Bibi Netanyahu’s a BFF, ya know, talk to the guy all the time.

While it was counted that Biden ignorantly interrupted Paul Ryan well over 80 times, I took note that Martha Raddatz constantly interrupted Ryan several times in mid-sentence (and permitted Biden to disrupt) when he was making his important point(s), which looked to be a bit unprofessional, and biased … and tag team-ish with Biden. I pretty much only recall one interruption she made with Biden, and it was over the word “stuff”. Late in the debate, when Ryan had finally been able to complete a thought and a response, Biden yapped, “I hope I get equal time!” The blatant jackass had answered the question first… As a matter of fact, at times it looked as if the debate was geared at Biden having the last word on everything.

Biden made several factual gaffes. His eagerness to jump on Ryan’s “JFK” mention was as cheap and void of any substance as debate ‘gotchas’ come. In fact, Ryan’s pointwas correct about presidents having cut taxes with revenue success in the nation’s history. So, I guess in addition to our Paul Ryan meme of “MATH” we can now add “HISTORY”, or “CIVICS” if you’re that old.

Joe Biden falling back on “Bush’s fault” by bringing up the two wars bought with a credit card that Paul Ryan had voted for. While sitting in the Senate Joe Biden voted for the two “Bush” wars as well. But the fact is this administration’s stimulus, GM buy out, and ObamaCare were all bought on credit cards … and this Obama-run economy is being completely run on credit cards written in Chinese and on the money the Fed continues to print.

One important thing Joe Biden did display last night … socialism.

Joe Biden was the class clown, at our expense. He knew there was a test last night, and he knew his answers were dead wrong, or lies. So, he decided to distract the classroom and the classroom monitor so that the kid who studied couldn’t show he had studied and came prepared with the right answers. I have no doubt it was the mission the Obama campaign handlers had planned all along for the painfully uncouth politician. Only equally non-serious people and the willfully blind thought Biden’s performance was great. Just “terrific”.

This immediately began popping up on Facebook and Twitter following the debate:

Proverbs 29:9 – When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man…the foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest.

Chris Wallace: “Most Disrespectful Debate Performance In My Lifetime”

Robert Stacy McCain:

Biden’s behavior resembled the hypomanic phase of bipolar disorder, as he grinned incongruously or faked laughter in reaction to Ryan’s answers, rudely scoffed at the Republican’s policy proposals as “bluster” and “loose talk,” and bulldozed past whatever feeble attempts Raddatz made to halt his repeated filibusters.

CBS: “Biden ‘May Have Some Clean Up of His Own to Do Today On Libya'”

(Note: I am catching up this morning, so I may be adding a thing or two, mostly in links, to this post.)

10 thoughts on ““You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?””

  1. This is the best Biden could do, the best the Obama people can do: a cheap demagogic jerk on steroids sent to distract people from the fact his emperor is miserably naked. It’s bad enough this smarmy, vulgar lout is a longtime senator, but he’s also the sitting VP, meaning he’d automatically become POTUS if something were to take Obama out of the picture. He makes Dan Quayle look at least as good as JFK. But he’s not a fool or an idiot, not really. He’s an old, spoiled hack who’s been enabled far too much for far too long, which has promoted a devil-may-care kind of self-indulgence, or “eccentricity.” I suppose he’s not as bad a case as the loathsome Ted Kennedy, but he’s still an absolute disgrace–or rather, his enablers are.

  2. Ironic how there is so much concern by both candidates that Iran may acquire one nuclear bomb, but no one mentioned that Israel has more than 300 nuclear bombs and refuses to acknowledge it. There was also no mention that North Korea has been detonating underground nuclear bombs and firing rockets across the Pacific aimed at the U.S.

  3. Ryan was hampered by propriety: respecting Biden’s office and age, even though Biden the man deserves no respect whatever. Biden knew that and capitalized on it, or rather abused it. I always expected Biden to do “better” than Obama did in Denver (not that it took much), since nobody expected much from him, and all he needed was to avoid an absolute disaster.

  4. I cited this in a previous post a couple weeks ago.


    The actual number of nukes Israel does or doesn’t have is not known. I have seen perhaps 60. Not quite certain where a country as small as Israel would hide/store over 300 nukes, BTW. I just don’t see why it’s an issue. Israel has not spent the last few decades insisting they were going to wipe the Arab/Muslim countries off the map. But be certain, if they wanted to they would have by now.

    As to North Korea … There was NO real intention of having this debate anything with ‘substance’. That would involve Biden trying to defend the current administration’s failed policies while interrupting Paul Ryan’s serious answers to the questions.

    The time breakdown had Biden’s time roughly ahead of Ryan’s time by 1:30 (more or less).

    However, that doesn’t factor in the time Biden interrupted Ryan EVERY time he was speaking.

    Most of the post-debate polling called the debate in Ryan’s favor, even AFTER Biden’s hijacking of the event.

    Imagine Ryan’s debate poll numbers if he had actually been permitted full unadulterated use of his time.

  5. Rush was, as usual, perfect today. He said if you didn’t like Biden’s behavior, that is what all of the left is like, mocking, denigrating, nasty, angry and without ideas of their own.

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