Who Selected Tonight’s “Undecided” Audience at The Debate?

Everybody is all verklempt about CNN’s debate moderator Candy Crowley deciding to take an active role, in spite of the agreed upon rules, in tonight’s debate between Obama and Romney. But Michelle Malkin reminds everyone about “the last plant-infested CNN-run town hall debate.” She is probably more right than wrong

Think the deck for Tuesday’s town hall debate might have been stacked? The firm hired to select the audience asking questions is under pressure from the Obama Justice Department, and some observers suggest may have already succumbed to that bullying.

After the Gallup Organization refused to cave to Chicago-style pressure from the Obama gang — which according to internal memos published by the Daily Caller had company officials comparing it to a “Godfather situation” — the Obama Justice Department suddenly joined a three-year-old lawsuit against Gallup. Within weeks, facing the full weight and power of the U.S. government and potential expenses in the millions of dollars, Gallup made changes to its polling methodology that seem to favor Obama.

The whistleblower lawsuit, claiming that Gallup knowingly overcharged the government for work done, was brought in 2009 by a former Obama campaign operative who was later briefly employed at Gallup.

The suit languished for almost three years, until — after Gallup didn’t cave to haranguing from the Axelrod & Co — the Obama Justice Department revived it in mid-August. At the time, Gallup’s daily presidential tracking poll showed Obama’s approval at 46%. That number increased a couple of points during the Democrat convention, the sort of bump one would expect. But, as Jay Cost notes, writing at the Weekly Standard, they didn’t go back down; they jumped. Up above the 50% landmark.

And while Gallup on average had found Obama’s job approval around 47 percent with adults through most of 2012, for the last five weeks it has been regularly above 50 percent. (October 10) it stood at 53 percent, a number we have not really seen since 2009.

What has changed? According to Frank Newport, Gallup’s Editor-in-Chief:

We have instituted some slight changes in our weighting procedures, including a weight for the density of the population area in which the respondent lives. (Emphasis added.)


So, shortly after the Obama mob — which had been critical of Gallup’s methodology — gets the Justice Department to do its dirty work and lean on the polling firm, Gallup makes changes to that methodology, changes which Gallup actually admits could have an impact on Obama’s approval rating. And Obama’s approval rating goes up.

It could be coincidence. Yes, it could. I guess.

Which leads us to Tuesday night’s town hall. What organization was chosen to select the, supposedly undecided, 80 people in attendance to question the candidates?

The Gallup Organization.

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While Gallup’s latest polling finds Mitt Romney leading with women and with likely voters, you wonder if it is all just being set-up so the MSM can claim Obama not only won the debate, but the Gallup polls will suddenly turn in his favor a day or so later.

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  1. It’s both baffling and infuriating that the GOP keeps agreeing to these spectacles run by the worst vultures in the leftist media. They just bend over and allow themselves to be dragged and kicked, signing on to the opposition’s rules. How masochistic and suicidal is that?

  2. And has anyone figured out how they come to an agreement to pick these er esteemed liberal journalists to be the moderators? I don’t understand the process nor who has the right-and why the candidates don’t have veto power over who they will speak in front of.
    Crossing my fingers, eyes, toes, for tonight, and hoping Romney will come out ahead regardless if an empty suit or bag of hot air or an empty chair shows up!

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