What we have here is serious “Failure to Communicate” about Communism’s horrors

(All pics above relate to the much, MUCH larger Soviet holocaust)

Lets see, the Bolsheviks:

* Murdered about five times as many people as did the Nazis.

* Enslaved and tortured about five times as many people and for five times as long as did the Nazis.

And let’s see, Fidel Castro’s regime:

* Had future officials aligned with the Bolshevik KGB as early as 1953.

* Gleefully made itself a Bolshevik replica and satrapy for half a century with tens of thousands of Bolshevik military and secret police torturers running (and overrunning) the nation for about thirty years.

* Today one of the major tourist attractions for pictures in the capitol of Castro’s Soviet satrapy is the building housing the Cheka-founded and mentored Ministry of the Interior with a picture of the man (Che) who proudly signed his correspondence “Stalin II.”

So to try and perhaps convince the world that Castro was not such a nice guy after all –we holler to the high heavens that fifty years ago–and for maybe a coupla weeks– maybe two Nazis might have advised some Cubans!

VAMOS BIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margaret Thatcher’s daughter says “HI!” from Havana, alongside “revolutionary hero” (her words) Che Guevara


Absolutely Un-‘Freakin Real!

(H/T Asombra)

3 thoughts on “What we have here is serious “Failure to Communicate” about Communism’s horrors”

  1. This is basically what I said when the Nazi ties post appeared. If hardly anybody gives a shit about Castro’s Soviet/communist ties, which couldn’t be more blatant, why would they care about some relatively minor Nazi connection? It’s fine and valid to expose the Nazi thing, of course, but of little or no practical use.

  2. Thanks, Humberto, but you make the point more effectively and forcefully than I did, and it’s a point that needs to be made (even though it’s not especially subtle). Of course, any Nazi connection, however minuscule, would be trumpeted and denounced if it could serve to discredit a right-wing regime, but leftist ones need not worry. You know the drill.

    Another illustration of the double standard is the world’s reaction (appalled revulsion) to the old Nazi ties of Austria’s Kurt Waldheim vs. its complete indifference to Vladimir Putin’s KGB past.

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