Yeah, But … Romney’s Women in Binders!!!!

Obama, his administration, the MSM, and Candy Crowley still just cannot seem to come clean on the failure in Benghazi, and the follow-up cover-up that is still spinning. Something as simple as not only providing daily security for your ambassador in a country that is still in the throngs of a transition from dictator regime to fundamental Islamic regime while countless fast and furious Libya weapons (on loan … heh) have yet to be returned to us, but especially increasing security for our ambassador on the anniversary of this nation’s worst attack on our soil while seems to be above this administration’s pay grade. We cannot possibly expect them to be all over any of these “Sh*t just got serious” issues

Terrorists ‘acquire nuclear container to smuggle uranium’

Hizbollah ‘launching rocket attacks into Syria’

Syrian rebels may have acquired surface-to-air missiles

But, hey … BINDERS!

Uh huh!

biden laugh

2 thoughts on “Yeah, But … Romney’s Women in Binders!!!!”

  1. The Obama administration has a dismal record for the past four years, so they no other choice but to resort to these attacks because they have nothing else to show for. Unfortunately too many stupid people in the current society we live buy into these attacks.

    On the same hand, these tactics seem to be turning off enough undecided and independent voters to tip the election in Romney’s favor.

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