Dead. Yeah. Sure….


Fidel died today.  So say a series of tweets in Spanish and English   from Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Foreign Minister of Castrolandia.

Go here to see for yourself.

Yeah. Sure.  And the Queen of England also announced that she is transgendered and will soon undergo sex change surgery.

The chance of some Castronoid  minister tweeting such news to the world without permission from the royal family is highly unlikely…. unless the chain of command has already begun to snap.

The really interesting story is how these rumors continue to take shape.

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  1. The Castro Mafia does this several times a year, just to ‘flush out’ anyone who wants to ‘bite the bate’ and take matters ‘into their own hands’ in the People’s Paradise. Kinda like a reverse ‘Valkyrie’ to see who they might need to hang.

  2. Yeah, Val… the foundation of all illusions: distract the audience. You are right. I saw a news story about the Medicare fraud yesterday, but I had to go to page 7 or 8 of the Google news on Cuba in order to find it. The smoke from the “new” travel rules was the thickest, followed by this round of death rumors.

  3. You guys are hard core.

    I am such a cockeyed optimist…he’s going to die someday, so the only negative that I see for myself, is that I’ll have plenty of practice celebration under my belt when that day does come.

    I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick a field goal, with Castro playing the part of Lucy.

    That old bastard will pull the ball out from under me a thousand times, but I WILL kick it sooner or later.

    And when I do, it’s going to be a 58 yarder.

  4. Luis,
    I dont think it so much that Im hard core, its just that, in all honesty, Ive been down this road too many times. I know all the bumps, all the curves and all the potholes. At this stage in the game and considering the physical condition of the doddering bearded shitbag in Cuba, his death is only peripheral to the real problem. Sure, Ill party. Boy, will I fucking party and scream and yell and revel and get drunk on the ecstasy of dancing on his grave. But, as with every celebration, as with every gustazo, there’s the trancaso. The hangover the next day.

    I shudder at the thought of what fidel castro will bequeath us. Not just the tangible ruins of of the country, but the absolute degradation of its culture. Our culture. I will catch flack for this but we’re going to inherit shit, and it may be centuries, if ever, before the moral fiber and ethos of that long gone culture begins to blossom.

  5. No doubt Val,

    It’ll take generations of Cubans to undo the fifty plus years of Castro damage, but it has to start someday.

    Let it be tomorrow….

  6. That we’re going to inherit shit is a certainty.

    But not necessarily the premeditated, destructive shit that we see so frequently here, where people have always had a chance to make it, but where it has simply become easier to game the system.

    There, they just haven’t had any options BUT to game the system, and having never been exposed to a system where they CAN get ahead without gaming, I think that we should see entrepreneurship and industry rise rapidly, if given that chance.

    I think that given the chance, Cuba can turn around in 20 years or so.

    So now, I’ll take over my parent’s job, and I’ll be the one waiting for “that” Cuba we all want.

  7. Ziva,

    Something is going on inside Cuba, make no mistake about it!

    For all we know there is an internal struggle among the elite on how to handle the inevitable which will be releasing the news that Fidel Castro has died.

  8. Val, you’re spot-on about what that beast has done to that once proud, cultured nation. Unfortunately, we now see the horrors manifested in this community as well – he injected us with the poison, and it’s personally sad and infuriating to see what it’s done here. Luis, I admire your optimism, but I’ve lost lost hope, and fear it may take much longer, with possible wounds that may never heal.

  9. Don’t lose hope Mambi, there is a God in Heaven who does justice and I feel this time is finally coming.

    Justice is coming, Ya viene llegando…

    Without a doubt, it’ll take generations to cleanse and return Cuba to its former self but, the closer the Castro brothers are out of the picture the quicker the process stars. I suspect that process is being set in motion as we speak and it could be quicker that we suspect.

    Brothers and Sisters, I have a feeling that for once we’re getting closer to the dreams that we have nurtured for the last 53 years in exile and that is Fidel Castro’s disappearance from the Cuban landscape thru his grandiose entrance into Hell to meet his master Lucifer.

    Please feel all the joy because justice is finally arriving. We have buried enough of our elders that were not allowed to witness what we’re about to see here on earth. For their sake, for their honor and in their memory, enjoy God’s justice.

    Today our dearly departed are next to our Lord in Heaven, looking over us knowing how much we have suffered all these years. They want us to enjoy our victory. Keep positive and for once enjoy the moment and thank God Almighty that justice is finally arriving.

    And when we finally get the privilege to raise a toast in celebration of Fidel Castro’s death, please pause for a moment in memory for all our dearly departed.

    They wouldn’t want it any other way…

  10. Practically all Cubans on the island who are not too old to be a factor in a post Castro-Cuba were born and/or raised under Castro, Inc. They are products of that perverse, twisted, highly pathological system and environment, which means they are all contaminated to some degree. Inevitably, they all have some form of the disease that has infected absolutely everything in Cuba for over half a century. That is not easily or quickly undone, and at least some of it will never be undone.

    In my opinion, Cuba cannot truly recover and be cured until everyone and everything contaminated by the Castro disease has disappeared from the scene, and that will obviously take many years. Perhaps Cubans will turn out better than the Russians and the Nicaraguans, but I’m not betting on it or holding my breath. Half a century of foul contagion is a very long time, long enough to penetrate very deep and do a lot of damage, and it’s not as if Cubans were all that healthy to begin with–if they had been, the disaster would not have happened.

    Alas, even now, many if not most Cubans are still in denial, because the truth is too ugly and too thorny to be faced unflinchingly, without convenient excuses and/or scapegoats–and let’s face it, even though it may be understandable, Cubans on the island “no están para coger lucha; están para ponerse a gozar.”

  11. Valid point that I agree with asombra, but the quicker Cuba is free from the Castro brothers tyranny the quicker the healing process begins (even if it takes a hundred years).

    Let the healing begin now.

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