George McGovern has died

George McGovern has died.

My very first awareness of politics was the 1972 presidential race between him and Richard Nixon. Even back then, forty years ago, as a fifteen year old, I smelled leftist bullshit coming from McGovern and the Dems. While I thank Sen McGovern for his service in World War II, it’s hard to forget this when thinking about the man and his legacy.


6 thoughts on “George McGovern has died”

  1. McGovern was at best a fool, and looked it. I suppose he was an “honest” fool, unlike that pompous ass and daddy’s boy Al Gore, who’s of no real use to anyone but himself, yet carries on like he not only invented the Internet but the wheel. Still, the fact that McGovern ever became an official presidential candidate is hard to believe, though there are worse cases. One of them is now POTUS.

  2. asombra,

    Believe me, he was no fool, he knew his agenda and what he wanted to do to America and went to his grave unrepentant.

    He was the first Jimmy Carter, though he was denied office by the American people.

    What happened in those days was that the American people were smarter and very afraid to put a commie into the highest office.

    Things quite changed since 1972 and look what happened ever since…

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