Release the Kraken! Tabloid drones to unleash election eve monsters.

Take that, Allred…. your Kraken is fired!


This story is spinning out of control like some unhinged carnival ride.

First, muckraker Gloria Allred threatens to undo the Romney campaign with an October surprise.  Most probably some harassment accusation against Mitt the Terrible.

So now The Donald threatens to do the same to the Obama campaign, with an October surprise of his own.  Fabulous story, no doubt.   First class.  The Tops.

Take a look here.


4 thoughts on “Release the Kraken! Tabloid drones to unleash election eve monsters.”

  1. This just in from Coco Chanel: “Have the Allred creature arrested for flagrant crimes against fashion.”

  2. Hey! You say what you want about Gloria. Go ahead, insult her.

    But you gotta admit, her name is honest:

    she’s All red.

    All’s that’s missing is the coveralls and the hammer & sickle in her claws.

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