Best damn trade fair in the entire universe…..Si, señor…

Chinese factory workers hail Castrolandia's right not to pay for the stuff they make
Chinese factory workers wave good-bye to all profits

Psssst, ven acá chico…. mira, coño…. si me vendes estas cositas en credito, te compro todas las que tienes en el almacén, y todas las que puedas fabricar este año…. Te las compro todas, toditas…. y te pagamos el doble, con interés…..  (Y si te tragas esto, comemierda, nos vamos a reir hasta que estires la pata y te entierren, esperando a nuestro cheque).


60 Chinese firms to attend Cuba trade fair

Havana: More than 60 Chinese companies will participate in an upcoming annual international trade fair here, an official said.

The 30th Havana International Trade Fair Nov 4-10 will see the participation of 62 Chinese companies, up by 55-percent, compared to the previous year, Xinhua reported.

In 2011, about 40 Chinese firms participated, said Ma Keqiang, the economic and commercial attache of the Chinese Embassy in Cuba.

The Zhejiang Geely Automotive Corp., one of the fastest growing automobile makers in China, is one of the participants, Ma said.

But how can you have a trade fair in a country that condemns private enterprise, owes billions to other nations, and rigidly controls all trade?

Look no further than slap-happy Canada for an answer.    The nation that has been financially screwed by the Castro dynasty for five decades can’t seem to stop itself from trading with deadbeat pirates.   Here is what the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service has to say about it on its web site: In essence it’s  a yearly ritual that allows representatives of Castro Inc. to look for foreign providers of goods and services who can be easily bamboozled into selling them stuff on credit.

Date: November 4-10, 2012
Venue: Expocuba
Location: Havana, Cuba

FIHAV is Cuba’s largest and most important trade event.

This trade fair is attended by key Cuban decision-makers and purchasers from industrial and commercial state entities as well as import enterprises. They use this one-week event to negotiate contracts with foreign suppliers, learn about new technologies and products, meet new exporters and strengthen their relationships with established suppliers. It is also a valuable opportunity to assess the Cuban market and evaluate your foreign competition.

Two Canadian businessmen suit up for Cuban trade fair
Two Canadian businessmen suit up for Cuban trade fair