“Fidel loves me–He loves me not” (Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo Dead at 77)


Eloy Gutierrez-Menoyo, a former Cuban revolutionary who later became a dissident, has died aged 77, friends and family have said.

His wife, Flor Ester Torres Sanabria, told AP news agency that her husband died in a Havana hospital after suffering a heart attack.

9 thoughts on ““Fidel loves me–He loves me not” (Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo Dead at 77)”

  1. My family knew this character Menoyo very well, now he’s in Hell waiting for Fidel Castro to arrive in grandiose fashion.

    Make no mistake about it, Eloys Guttierez Menoyo was Communist regardless of his affiliation with Alpha 66. After all that has happened all these years I wonder if Fidel Castro planted him in that organization to undermine it, maybe we’ll never know…

  2. Backstabber, opportunist, contemptible caricature of a man. One of many of his generation. He fooled many once upon a time. I’m not grieving. Next story please.

  3. Another stinking Spaniard. At least he’s no longer taking up space or consuming food that belongs to Cubans. It’s not much, but then again, neither was he.

  4. I thought Alpha 66 was founded by the late Nazario Sargen.

    One thing I know, no one with a real paramilitary anti-Castro record on par with Alpha 66, or any of its counterparts, is allowed to enter Cuba as this guy was. More so, even if they were permitted, they would not go for they would have to be too stupid.

    One thing is also worth pointing. Alpha 66 was pretty effective eliminating and repelling communists during its heyday but when it came to executing in Cuba, time and time again the operatives were executed withing four hours of arriving.

    Obviously Castro had a mole and this individual sure raises a lot of questions. It seems to me he either felt his job was done once Nazario was diagnosed with cancer or he was already raising suspicions before going to Cuba and decided to go to Cuba as a result.

  5. Alpha 66 was founded by Aurelio Nazario Sargen and Antonio Veciana. Later, Menoyo incorporated his Segundo Frente into a coalition with Alpha 66. Veciana went to jail for dealing cocaine and Aurelio died of a heart attack. His brother, Andres Nazario Sargen assumed Alpha’s leadership.
    Menoyo landed in Cuba and was soon captured in January 1965. To save himself from being executed, he appeared before Cuban TV and after a repentant mea culpa a praise for the revolution, proceeded to denounce and snitch out all his former comrades. The transcripts of his confessions are here

  6. I for one will not shed a single tear for Menoyo. Along with the likes of people like Ramon Cernuda and Alfredo Duran, Menoyo was a dialoguero who was of course given a platform by the Miami Herald and New York Times to attack Cuban exiles and defend engagement with castro [read this as total capitulation and acquiescence].

    He was a detestable character.

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