The blame game comes home to roost

Understatement of the century…

[…] Donald Estabrook, a senior citizen from Brooksville, Fla., said he doesn’t hold Mr. Obama’s failures against him because the Republican Party has not cooperated.

“He’s done the best he can,” Mr. Estabrook said. “Being the president, you don’t always get what you think you can get, because it’s got to go through the Congress. That’s the reason why he can’t get a lot done.”

Mr. Obama’s die-hard supporters rarely acknowledge that Congress was controlled by Democrats during the president’s first two years in office, when lawmakers passed his signature health care legislation, as well as an $821 billion economic-stimulus program that the president rarely mentions anymore.

Some voters are just plain misinformed about what Mr. Obama has done over the past four years. […]

I’ve pointed out to the Kool-Aid brigades on many occasions that even with solid Congressional majorities the Dems wanted “bi-partisan” support — and did not get it, much to the credit of the Republicans in both houses. The Dems wanted to share the blame in the event their policies failed. Without “bi-partisan” support, they knew that the party the American people would fault would be theirs. And just so, it has come to pass…

6 thoughts on “The blame game comes home to roost”

  1. The founding fathers were very wise and built a system of checks and balances into the political system to guarantee the success of the new Republic and to avoid that any US President could have power equal to that of an omnipotent monarch.

    America is blessed that its founding fathers had a vision that extended far beyond the time they lived.

  2. Obama and his minions want to go “FORWARD” and “CHANGE” what America’s founding fathers created and in essence their actions will destroy America as it is. That’s what’s at stake in this election and way Obama and the Democrats must be defeated.

  3. Hmmm … Gee … Let’s see.

    The GOP during Obama could easily have gone along with everysingle back-breaking thing Obama and the dems have wanted to shove down this nation’s dry throat … and then pretend they didn’t, just like the democrats did/do when they went along with going into Iraq under George W. Bush, “No Child Left (anywhere near Ted Kennedy’s” Behind”, etc., etc. etc….

    Or the GOP during Obama’s one and only disastrous term could stand it’s ground (having given in to some huge mistakes like the stimulus and the auto bailout) and just say “no” according to what the American do and don’t want.

    For all Obama’s chest-thumping over the end of the Iraq war, and the killing of UBL, it’s never pointed out he did little more than just allow Bush’s policies/plans to ride.

  4. Since 2009, I’ve become convinced that these drones are innately incapable of thinking on their own, or exchange any ideas other than those they already espouse; it’s pointless to show them facts; it’s even more futile to attempt a dialog with them. I do agree with Levin — they just need to be kept in check and away from power. Our curse is that they comprise over a third of the electorate.

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